Book of Lust v0.1.5.1c Public Build

Download it here!


Hey, guys! Got a new content update for you!

This time around I lined and colored Valerie’s birthing scene as well as the Old Street Background.

There’s also a storyline scenario in which Caroline begins to experiment with her spells. In this instance she bodyswaps with Julia. To trigger it, walk in on Julia/Caroline having sex at evening as Jake at least 7 days after the completion of chapter 1 (or for save files with ch1 already complete it should take place 7 days after the Fiat Iustitia cutscene or ch1. There can’t be any Mind/Soul spells active on Julia. After this, she’ll swap bodies with her for a special scene on Wednesday evenings.

At the moment, I’m planning on keeping Caroline’s spells to special scripted scenarios since it could cause a lot of workload bloat as well as cause some issues for future quests.

Aside from that, I tried implementing an Autosave feature and reworking how some of the save system works. It should save every Saturday morning. You can enable/disable it in the autosave menu.

Let me know if there’s anything wrong. If there’s one thing I’d rather not do it’s break save files. I had to tinker with some of the existing save/load script.