Book of Lust v0.1.11.1b Public Build

Download it here!

Hey, guys! Got a new update for you. This time around it’s more of Mel’s dream. Specifically the completion of Jake being genderbent.

There’s also the addition of a small “Wayward Ones” scene after it as a follow-up to the scene in the Mel getting genderbent scenario. So to be a little more clear, Watch the Mel Genderbend scene, cast dreamwalk on Mel again, Watch the Jake genderbend scene.

I’ve also made the dream-specific wayward ones scenes repeatable after going through the appropriate dreamwalk scenario.

Aside from that, there’s some small fixes with speaker portraits. Primarily some color and anatomy correction for Jake/Jack/Jane.

Book of Lust v0.1.10.1a Public Build

Download it here!

Hey, guys! Got a new content update for you. This time it’s centered around Mel’s dream.

There’s two choices for you to pick. One in which Mel gets genderbent in which Jake more or less doms him. This route is finished and has a bit of a “hidden” Wayward Ones scenes at the end. It’s mainly some optional lore stuff. You just need to take this route after letting Caroline use Dreamwalk on Jake. It’s a small introduction to Vaughn.

Also, there’s a new song for the Wayward Ones scenes(except the first one in which it’s pitch black).

The second route is where Jake gets genderbent and more or less gets dom’d.

Aside from that, I lined and colored Horizon Street. I also, tinkered with how Time/Day advancement is handled.