Book of Lust – Digital Painting

Millie helps Lillian by modelling for her. She has trouble sitting still.

Two background characters in Book of Lust that I’ve grown pretty fond of. Decided to flesh them out a bit. The Zebra girl is a new one introduced in v0.0.89.1c. Decided to name her Millie Long.

Book of Lust v0.0.88.1b Public Build

Download the new version here!


Hey, guys! Got another content update!

This time around it’s mainly a new lined and colored Raven Mother sex scene. After visiting Morning Star, leave the dream realm and come back. G’nisi will ask you to go on ‘quest’ for her to visit Raven Mom.

Julia’s “Make the Succubus leave” bad end is now lined and colored as is the sleep sex scene when playing as Cassandra and inviting Mel to take a nap.

Aside from that, I added the morning masturbation scene to Olivia’s soul passenger. Added soul link and exp gain functionality to sleeping with either G’nisi or Raven Mother. I also fixed up the impregnation animation when having sex with G’nisi a bit.

There’s also a bunch of bug fixes that included a softlock.