Book of Lust v0.1.3.1d Public Build

Download it over here!

This time around, it’s a little more writing heavy. There’s a completed Bad End when the succubus leaves and you’re playing as Mia that’s a tad different in theme from the others.

There’s also a new ‘discuss’ option with Valerie that opens up an optional quest. Jake can ask Valerie to hypnotize him. The first time is non-sexual and will give a permanent +5 max mana boost. After that, it opens up ‘erotic hypnosis’. This will result in Valerie putting hypnotic triggers into Jake. So far there’s only one trigger. She’ll use it if her Lust is over 70 and Jake ‘waits’ in Valerie’s room while she’s present (it has to be ‘wait’ and not any other method of passing time). There’s not way to reverse it at the moment. The erotic hypnosis won’t give any permanent buffs like the initial discussion will.

Besides that there’s a bunch of fixes and a small update to how the colored textboxes are handled.