Book of Lust v0.0.90.1d Public Build

Download it over here!

Hey, guys! This time around I wanted to work on a bit of the Aspects and their hunting. There was actually a little less I needed to tinker with than I originally thought.

The biggest addition is the lining and coloring of the Aspects of Lust and Dominance hunting Valerie scene.

The end of Caroline’s chapter should no longer dispel the aspects. Instead they should be birthed/hunt as if it’s been a week.

There’s also a new small variant scene when using soul passenger on Cassandra while Mel is banging Olivia on Sunday morning.

Besides that, there’s a bunch of other bug fixes.

Book of Lust v0.0.89.1e Public Build

Download it here!


Hey, guys! Got a fairly large graphical update this time around.

The biggest part of this was the Lining/Coloring of Olivia’s soul passenger. It’s mainly the generic scenes. I had to change some of the text to fit some of the scenes, since they’re a tad different.

I also added a small scene(sketches atm) between Mia and Jake. To access it, have Dominate Mind sex with Mia as Jake at Late Night. Mia’s minimum inf should also raise to 40 while playing as Jake after making her call him “daddy”.

Aside from that, there’s some bug fixes, fixed up Valerie’s character portrait a little, and Cassandra now eats turkey instead of roast beef during her Soul Passenger.

Book of Lust v0.0.88.1b Public Build

Download the new version here!


Hey, guys! Got another content update!

This time around it’s mainly a new lined and colored Raven Mother sex scene. After visiting Morning Star, leave the dream realm and come back. G’nisi will ask you to go on ‘quest’ for her to visit Raven Mom.

Julia’s “Make the Succubus leave” bad end is now lined and colored as is the sleep sex scene when playing as Cassandra and inviting Mel to take a nap.

Aside from that, I added the morning masturbation scene to Olivia’s soul passenger. Added soul link and exp gain functionality to sleeping with either G’nisi or Raven Mother. I also fixed up the impregnation animation when having sex with G’nisi a bit.

There’s also a bunch of bug fixes that included a softlock.