Book of Lust v0.1.16.1b Public Build

Hey, guys! Got a new content update for you. Download it here!

This one’s mainly about about the Raven Mother’s fair and a continuation of the main story. To activate it, wait 3 days after seeing the BlightFire/Blue Lightning Chapter 2 start screen and go to sleep while playing as Jake. You’ll get a text from Valerie about the Raven Mother’s Fair. Valerie can’t be possessed or pregnant. Julia can’t be pregnant Then Discuss it with Caroline and Julia before meeting them on River Street in the evening.

There’s 4 new areas (Sol Street, Sol theater, Raven Field, G’nisi’s Temple), a few new ‘side’ characters that are scenario/story specific, the introduction of 2 main antagonists, a new song and a whole bunch of text about how their world kind of functions, a new song. Just a heads up, there’s not actual new lewd content this update, it’s all story setup and world building.

There’s still quite a few cutscenes in it that’re missing backgrounds or just sketches that I’ll hopefully try finishing in the next few updates.