Book of Lust v0.0.61.1b

Download it here!

The first big change is G’nisi.  Both of her sex scenes have been lined and colored.  The requirement for gaining her memory crystals have also been dropped from increments of 5 to 3.

I also added a fix for sex with bodyswapped Caroline not registering for the “Caroline Vanishes” timer.

The second big change is some back-end things.  The last update I did made me realize that how things were scripted currently was going to cause some problems down the line, so I had to rework some of npc/scheduling scripts.  It involved almost a complete overhaul of how their locations are handled.  It also forced me to rework a little bit of the saving mechanics.

Book of Lust v0.0.60.1b

Hey, guys!  Just got a fairly large bodyswap update out.

Firstly, I tried adding more general placeholders.  Jake should be able to bodyswap with the rest of the Sandbox Cast (Julia, Mia, and Valerie).  They should also have placeholder sex scenes.  I wound up reorganizing some old code.

Secondly, I continued Caroline’s bodyswap quest.  Once this section is done, Jake and Caroline can switch bodies as much as you want through the “Spells” dialogue.  Caroline will no longer disappear when not interacting with her for about a week.  Caroline will also assume Jake’s daily schedule when bodyswapped.  When Caroline assumes Jake’s schedule, you can activate the Julia/Caroline/Jake threesome scene when the two of them are in Julia’s room during the Evening.

Thirdly, I added a bad end for making the succubus leave as Julia.

Fourth, Mia now has a bedroom.

There’s also some bug fixes including a softlock when using Dominate Mind/Compulsion on Mel as anyone but Jake.