Book of Lust – Digital Painting

Millie helps Lillian by modelling for her. She has trouble sitting still.

Two background characters in Book of Lust that I’ve grown pretty fond of. Decided to flesh them out a bit. The Zebra girl is a new one introduced in v0.0.89.1c. Decided to name her Millie Long.

Book of Lust v0.0.67.1b Public Build

The public build is now available! Download it over here

Wanted to try adding base Dreamwalk functionality to all of the sandbox characters as well as writing and adding Mia’s Dreamwalk scenario.

Aside from that, I also added a small option when using “Fuck Other”. If you have any of the impregnation spells active, the succubus will ask if you want her to transfer it to herself if her target is compatible.