Book of Lust v0.1.0.1f Public Build

Download it here!

Hey, guys. Got a new update. You might’ve noticed the version number. I was originally planning to change the second number as I finished the story line elements in a chapter. I kept forgetting to do it after Caroline’s which was complete quite a bit ago.

Anyways, I might have crammed a bit much into this update. First off there’s a couple sets of lined and colored scenes. There’s a revamped Julia sex scene while playing as Jake, a Dominate Mind scene with Julia while playing as Mel (which is more or less an edit of the Jake x Julia scene), a lined and colored ‘dinner with Mia’ dominate mind scene while playing as Jake, and a special lunch scene with Mia during Olivia’s Soul Passenger.

I also updated the look of Julia’s speaker portrait as well as fixed Julia’s possessed speaker portrait having one too many ‘freckles’. There’s also various soul passenger fixes since some of the incomplete characters had options that led to the wrong stat changes/scenario.

Aside from that there was a fairly large overhaul of some of old code. It should help optimize things as well as make it easier for me to add/change things as necessary.

Anyways, let me know if you guys find anything wrong. There was a bunch of stuff I wound up tinkering with.