Book of Lust v0.1.8.1b Public Build

Hey, guys! Got another content update for you.

The major addition this time around is the lined and colored sex scene between G’nisi, Caroline, and Jake.

There’s also a re-implementation of the Succubus’ old hunger scenes and mechanics. It was mostly removed because the way it was implemented could get way too complex very quickly. I’m a little happier with this simpler approach. If her hunger hits 100, she’ll wander off and “feed” during the night. You can choose to watch what she gets up to after going to bed. The scenes are on the short side and currently Olivia, Cassandra, and Delved Valerie have lined/colored/written scenarios. Julia/Mia/Succubus Valerie are in sketch phases and have placeholder dialogue.

Aside from that, there’s some bug and typo fixes as well as some adjustments to Cass and Mia’s sprites.

Download it here

Book of Lust v0.1.5.1c Public Build

Download it here!


Hey, guys! Got a new content update for you!

This time around I lined and colored Valerie’s birthing scene as well as the Old Street Background.

There’s also a storyline scenario in which Caroline begins to experiment with her spells. In this instance she bodyswaps with Julia. To trigger it, walk in on Julia/Caroline having sex at evening as Jake at least 7 days after the completion of chapter 1 (or for save files with ch1 already complete it should take place 7 days after the Fiat Iustitia cutscene or ch1. There can’t be any Mind/Soul spells active on Julia. After this, she’ll swap bodies with her for a special scene on Wednesday evenings.

At the moment, I’m planning on keeping Caroline’s spells to special scripted scenarios since it could cause a lot of workload bloat as well as cause some issues for future quests.

Aside from that, I tried implementing an Autosave feature and reworking how some of the save system works. It should save every Saturday morning. You can enable/disable it in the autosave menu.

Let me know if there’s anything wrong. If there’s one thing I’d rather not do it’s break save files. I had to tinker with some of the existing save/load script.

Book of Lust v0.1.3.1d Public Build

Download it over here!

This time around, it’s a little more writing heavy. There’s a completed Bad End when the succubus leaves and you’re playing as Mia that’s a tad different in theme from the others.

There’s also a new ‘discuss’ option with Valerie that opens up an optional quest. Jake can ask Valerie to hypnotize him. The first time is non-sexual and will give a permanent +5 max mana boost. After that, it opens up ‘erotic hypnosis’. This will result in Valerie putting hypnotic triggers into Jake. So far there’s only one trigger. She’ll use it if her Lust is over 70 and Jake ‘waits’ in Valerie’s room while she’s present (it has to be ‘wait’ and not any other method of passing time). There’s not way to reverse it at the moment. The erotic hypnosis won’t give any permanent buffs like the initial discussion will.

Besides that there’s a bunch of fixes and a small update to how the colored textboxes are handled.