Book of Lust v0.0.68.1b Public Build

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Hey, guys! Got a fairly big update. I probably trying tacking on way too much in this version.

Anyways, some of the new things that were added was the School Lounge. It’s where Julia and Valerie would normally disappear to during one of their time slots.

There’s a new addon to the optional Wayward ones quest that kicks off if you cast dreamwalk seven times by the time or after Caroline casts dreamwalk on you.

There’s a new sex scene with Caroline when playing as Julia (after Chapter 1 is completed).

Soul Passenger is now available for Julia. It’s got written and sketched out scenes. This is where majority of the time went. I tried restructuring some things since I wasn’t happy with how the old soul passengers went. I might have to tinker with it a little more.

Generic placeholders for Valerie/Mel/Jake/Donovan/Mia Soul Passenger scenarios should be functional. They don’t necessarily have any in depth text or coincide with the scheduling system, yet, but they adjust stats accordingly.

Finally, Casting dreamwalk on Jake should play the dreamwalk scenario of whoever is currently in his body.

Book of Lust v0.0.65.1b

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Possessed/Delved Valerie was added along with most of the succubus functions except “walk around naked”. Also, if you’re playing as any of the girls, delved Valerie can get you pregnant if you have any of the pregnancy spells active (exception is Olivia where both possessed and delved can get her pregnant.

Aside from that, a good chunk of the time was spent scrubbing through Cassandra’s and Olivia’s Soul Passenger. Quite a big of bugs in them since I haven’t touched them in quite a few versions. There’s still a bit of work to do with them, but they should work.

Anyways, I haven’t gotten the chance to test a lot of it since there’s quite a few combinations. Let me know if there’s anything malfunctioning.