Book of Lust Readme

Some game notes:

  • The options menu contains resolution and music options.
  • Hold down ‘n’ or ‘right click’ to fast forward through dialogue.
  • The ‘Travel Mode’ Button means that when you travel to another room; you get the ‘Action UI’ instead of the ‘General UI’.  It should make long distance travel or repetitive actions easier.
    • In order to travel to the sister’s room normally, you’d have to click Action > Den > Action > Cassandra’s Room
    • With travel mode on you’d have to click Travel Mode > Den > Cassandra’s Room

Cheat button in the Character Stats menu.  It gives:

  • Enough Exp to purchase all spells.
  • Max mana/stamina
  • Max Influence, Love, and Lust to all interact-able characters
  • To modify Character Influence/Love/Lust/Hunger individually, click the character in the ‘Character Stats’ Menu then click either the +10/-10 buttons next to the stat to raise/lower it.
  • The ‘Exp Salvage’ button can help mitigate the damage if I break  the save system. To use it, load a save file that’s obsolete and click the ‘Exp Salvage’ button.  It will start a new game but carry over all the exp that you earned. Try giving this a shot if something seems broken.  There’s a chance that an update caused some conflict.


  • N or Right Click – Fast Forward through Dialog
  • Escape – Options Menu
  • Z – Cum
  • 1 – Talk
  • 2 – Action
  • 3 – Travel
  • 4 – View
  • Q – Spell
  • W – Sex
  • S – Character Stats
  • R – Spell Book Talent Tree
  • 4 (during a character’s dialogue) – Hide dialogue box. (v0.0.82.xx)

During the Disclaimer Screen with the “I Agree” button; set Resolution with the following keys:

  • [1] = 1280×720
  • [2] = 1152×648
  • [3] = 1024×576
  • [4] = 896×504
  • [5] = 768×432
  • [Q] = FullScreen

Available scenes:

(All of the stat changes should work for the sandbox cast. The list below is just for the scenes that have addition lines/colors/writing)

(A * denotes a Sketched scene with writing)

As Jake


  • Sex
  • Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
  • *Possessed Sex
  • *Delved Sex


  • Sex
  • *Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
  • Possessed Sex
  • Delved Sex


  • Sex
  • Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
  • (v0.1.7.xx)Possessed Sex
  • Visit on Sunday Night


  • Sex
  • Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
  • Delved Sex


  • Sex
  • *Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
  • *Visit on Saturday Late Night


  • *Sex


  • Sex

As Cassandra


  • *Sex
  • *Compulsion Sex


  • Possessed Sex


  • *Sex
  • *Visit on Saturday Late Night

As Olivia


  • *Sex


  • *Visit on Saturday Late Night


  • Sex


  • Sex

As Caroline


  • Sex


  • *Sex
  • *Sex when she visits on Sunday Nights

As Mel


  • *Sex
  • *Blowjob when offering a ride back from school


  • *Sex


  • *Sex


  • Dominate Mind

As Julia


  • *Sex
  • Dominate Mind


  • Delved Sex


  • *Sex

As Valerie

  • (note: Delved Valerie can get the player pregnant if playing as any of the girls with appropriate spells.)

Hints for Special Sex Scenes

Cast Dominate Mind on Cassandra and tell her not to answer the door on Sundays. Jake and Olivia can have special interactions with Mel.

Having sex with Non-Possessed Olivia as Jake will open up a special option to knock on Olivia’s door and “help” her relieve stress while she’s normally masturbating while Mel is visiting Cassandra.

After “Helping” Olivia relieve stress as Jake. Bodyswap with Caroline(After her quest) and talk to her about continuing to “Help” relieve Olivia’s stress.

Cast Dominate Mind on Mia and have sex with her as Jake. Mia will begin calling Jake ‘daddy’ during vanilla sex.

Have Dominate Mind sex with Mia as Jake at Late Night.

Have Dominate Mind (not compulsion) sex with Jake at late night as Julia. Mia can’t be possessed/delved.

Talk to Valerie about Hypnosis as Jake in her bedroom. “Waiting” in certain rooms with Valerie present can trigger certain hypnosis scenes while her lust is 70 or above.

Casting Dreamwalk on characters Multiple times may unlock some new scenes. In particular (v0.1.17.xx)Julia.

Command – Fuck Other Targets:

  • (note: If the player has any of the impregnation spells active, the succubus will ask if the player wants her to use it and can impregnate herself if target is applicable.)
  • Olivia Possessed
    • Sex w/ Cassandra
    • *Sex w/ Mel
    • *Sex w/ Jake

Soul Passenger Targets:

  • Olivia
  • Cassandra
  • Julia

Dream Walk Targets:

  • Cassandra
  • Julia
  • Mia
  • Mel

Aspect Gestation Time:

  • Gestation time for Aspect of Dominance is 5 days
  • Gestation time for Aspect of Lust is 7 days
  • If a girl is pregnant with both aspects, it will take 5 days starting from the most recent impregnation.
  • An aspect must have at least 5 days of gestation to be born if using Aspect Mastery

Birthing Scenes:

  • Olivia
  • Julia
  • Cassandra
  • Valerie
  • Caroline
  • *Mia

Aspect Hunting Scenes:

  • Mia
  • Valerie


  • Julia Woods appears at the Hart residence on Sunday Night
  • Mel Price appears at the Hart residence on Saturday Late Night

Areas available:

  • The Hart’s residence
  • The school courtyard
  • Maple Street
  • Olivia’s Flower Shop
  • Oleander Road
  • The Price’s Apartment
  • Mel’s Room
  • Valerie’s Room
  • The Woods’ Den
  • Julia’s Room
  • Mia and Donovan’s Room
  • Caroline’s Dorm
  • Coffee Shop
  • Maple Street Mall
  • Reggie’s Club
  • Old Street
  • Horizon Street
  • Shimmer Advertising
  • (v0.1.16.xx)G’nisi’s Temple
  • (v0.1.16.xx)Raven Field
  • (v0.1.16.xx)Sol Street

Quest Guide:

Book of Lust

-Learn “Command – Possess” (is no longer available after a certain point in “Memetics” questline.

G’nisi of the Meadows

  • Use Dream Walk on Cassandra 3 times. The Third time will open up a special choice.
  • Impregnate G’nisi
  • Pleasure a pregnant G’nisi
  • Impregnating or Pleasuring G’nisi 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 times.
  • The Raven Mother will visit after aiding G’nisi 3 times.
  • The Morning Star will visit after meeting the Raven Mother.
  • (optional)Talk to Raven Mother to meet Morning Star in his realm.
  • (optional)After meeting Morning Star, leave the dream realm and come back the next night. G’nisi will ask you to have sex with Raven Mother.
  • After having sex with G’nisi 6+ times, she’ll tell you to talk to Trish.
  • Talk to Trish in the Coffee Shop in the Early Morning.
  • Impregnate G’nisi to acquire the last memory crystal.
  • Chapter 1 Memetics
    • Go to the school as Jake in the afternoon.  Accept Julia’s invitation to lunch. (Must be done before day 15 or Caroline leaves).
    • Must interact with Caroline at least once a week until second bodyswap with her.
    • Talk to Caroline in her dorm.
    • Talk to Caroline in her dorm again with over 20 trust and 15 mood.
    • Talk to Caroline with over 25 trust and 20 mood.
    • Fuck Succubus in front of Caroline.
    • Fuck Caroline twice as Jake to invite her to live you.
    • Fuck succubus in front of Caroline 2 times.
    • Fuck succubus in front of Caroline 3 times.
    • Fuck succubus in front of Caroline 4 times.
    • Complete all of Caroline’s previous dialogue chains and impregnate her at least once.
    • Talk to Caroline about using Body Swap and Dream Walk on her
      • Talk to Caroline 3 times about Dreamwalking .
        • Must have at least 34 mana when sleeping to avoid Game Over.
      • Talk to Caroline about Body Swapping.
    • (Optional)Talk to the Succubus while Caroline is in the room.
    • Talk to Caroline about Body Swapping back.
    • Have sex with Caroline while having 100 mana or more.
    • Discuss Caroline’s situation with Mel and Julia.
      • Mel will send you back to bring “Jake” to him during Early Morning or Late Night.
      • Listening in on the conversation between “Jake” and Mel will require either Compulsion, Dominate Mind over Mel, or 80+ influence.
      • Julia has no requirements. Talking to Julia while not pregnant will get you a bonus scene.
    • Talk to Julia while she’s at home and you have enough mana to cast Body Swap.
  • Talk to Caroline again about Body Swapping.
  • Body Swap back with Caroline.
  • Caroline will no longer vanish after a week. Discuss Body Swapping with Caroline to swap with her.
  • Talk to Caroline again about Dreamwalking.
  • Go to sleep.
  • Talk with Caroline about fixing the spell. Must be playing as Jake and Caroline must not be pregnant.
  • Caroline can either stay or walk her own path depending on the Jake’s dialogue choices. If her mood falls to zero, she leaves.
  • Pick the following to Keep Caroline(Best):
  • “Not going to drag me down”
  • “You’re worth the effort”
  • “You’re not a liability”
  • “You’re stronger than you know, Caroline”
  • “You keep picking yourself back up”
  • “That’s what strength is”
  • “Because we’re friends”
  • “You’ve had plenty to offer”
  • “That’s only one side of you”
  • “Because I’m selfish”
  • Pick “Let her go” to have Caroline leave.
  • (Optional)Talk to the succubus about Caroline after convincing her to stick around.
  • The Wayward Ones
  • Let Caroline cast Dreamwalk on you.
  • (Optional)Cast Dreamwalk 7 times by the time or after Caroline casts Dreamwalk on you.
  • (Optional)Cast Dreamwalk on Mel and choose to turn him into a girl after Caroline casts Dreamwalk on you. Won’t trigger any other Wayward Ones scenes.
  • Cast Dreamwalk a second time on Mel. Choose to get turned into a girl.
  • Home is where the Harts Are
  • After inviting Caroline to live with you, talk to the succubus.
  • Sleep in your room as Jake at Late Night when Cassandra isn’t possessed. Mel must not be present in the Hart household.

Blossoming Mage

  1. 7 days after Chapter 1 is complete, walk into Julia’s room as Jake in the evening. No Mind/Soul spells must be active on Julia.
  2. After Chapter 1 is complete and you’ve met G’nisi and ‘helped’ her enough to give you her unique spell; cast it in front of Caroline.
    • Discuss Caroline with G’nisi.
    • Discuss visiting G’nisi’s realm with Caroline
      • Cast G’nisi’s unique spell in front of Caroline again and go to sleep.

Chapter 2 Fiat Iustitia

  • (Optional)After day 15, enter the Hart den as Jake. Cassandra must not be Possessed.
  • (Optional)After Day 22, enter the Hart den as Jake. Cassandra must not be Possessed.
  • (Optional)After Day 30, enter the Hart den as Jake. Cassandra must not be Possessed.
  • Wait 3 days after completing Caroline’s Quest. Caroline must be your friend.
  • (Optional)Go to the Coffee Shop in the Late Morning.
  • Wait 3 days after the chapter title. Go to sleep as Jake. Valerie must not be possessed.
  • Discuss the fair with Julia and Caroline.
  • Go out to River Street in the evening as Jake. Julia can’t be possessed and Valerie can’t be pregnant.
  • “Discuss” the festival events with Caroline.
  • (v0.1.18.xx)”Discuss” the festival events with Valerie in her room as Jake.

Special Thanks:

A big thanks to Scion for letting me use his Fullscreen script.

Music is by ElectroKaplosion!

A big thanks to TiaraWhy for all tutorials and advice for creating this website.

Game not Launching or crashing at startup:

If you’re having an issue with Book of Lust not launching or crashing on startup, it might be a version of Citrix causing it.