Book of Lust Readme

Some game notes:

  • The options menu contains resolution and music options.
  • Hold down ‘n’ or ‘right click’ to fast forward through dialogue.
  • The ‘Travel Mode’ Button means that when you travel to another room; you get the ‘Action UI’ instead of the ‘General UI’.  It should make long distance travel or repetitive actions easier.
    • In order to travel to the sister’s room normally, you’d have to click Action > Den > Action > Cassandra’s Room
    • With travel mode on you’d have to click Travel Mode > Den > Cassandra’s Room

Cheat button in the Character Stats menu.  It gives:

  • Enough Exp to purchase all spells.
  • Max mana/stamina
  • Max Influence, Love, and Lust to all interact-able characters
  • To modify Character Influence/Love/Lust/Hunger individually, click the character in the ‘Character Stats’ Menu then click either the +10/-10 buttons next to the stat to raise/lower it.
  • The ‘Exp Salvage’ button can help mitigate the damage if I break  the save system. To use it, load a save file that’s obsolete and click the ‘Exp Salvage’ button.  It will start a new game but carry over all the exp that you earned. Try giving this a shot if something seems broken.  There’s a chance that an update caused some conflict.


  • N or Right Click – Fast Forward through Dialog
  • Escape – Options Menu
  • Z – Cum
  • 1 – Talk
  • 2 – Action
  • 3 – Travel
  • 4 – View
  • Q – Spell
  • W – Sex
  • S – Character Stats
  • R – Spell Book Talent Tree
  • 4 (during a character’s dialogue) – Hide dialogue box. (v0.0.82.xx)

During the Disclaimer Screen with the “I Agree” button; set Resolution with the following keys:

  • [1] = 1280×720
  • [2] = 1152×648
  • [3] = 1024×576
  • [4] = 896×504
  • [5] = 768×432
  • [Q] = FullScreen

Available scenes:

(All of the stat changes should work for the sandbox cast. The list below is just for the scenes that have addition lines/colors/writing)

(A * denotes a Sketched scene with writing)

As Jake

  • Cassandra
    • Sex
    • Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
    • *Possessed Sex
    • *Delved Sex
  • Olivia
    • Sex
    • *Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
    • Possessed Sex
    • Delved Sex
  • Julia
    • Sex
    • Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
    • Visit on Sunday Night
  • Mia
    • Sex
    • Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
    • Delved Sex
  • Mel
    • Sex
    • *Dominate Mind/Compulsion Sex
    • *Visit on Saturday Late Night
  • Valerie
    • *Sex
  • Caroline
    • Sex

As Cassandra

  • Jake
    • *Sex
    • *Compulsion Sex
  • Olivia
    • Possessed Sex
  • Mel
    • *Sex
    • *Visit on Saturday Late Night

As Olivia

  • Jake
    • *Sex
  • Mel
    • *Visit on Saturday Late Night
  • Donovan
    • Sex
  • Mia
    • Sex

As Caroline

  • Jake
    • Sex
  • Julia
    • *Sex
    • *Sex when she visits on Sunday Nights

As Mel

  • Cassandra
    • *Sex
    • *Blowjob when offering a ride back from school
  • Olivia
    • *Sex
  • Jake
    • *Sex
  • Julia
    • Dominate Mind(v0.1.0.xx)

As Julia

  • Jake
    • *Sex
  • Valerie
    • Delved Sex
  • Donovan
    • *Sex

As Valerie

  • (note: Delved Valerie can get the player pregnant if playing as any of the girls with appropriate spells.)

Command – Fuck Other Targets:

  • (note: If the player has any of the impregnation spells active, the succubus will ask if the player wants her to use it and can impregnate herself if target is applicable.)
  • Olivia Possessed
    • *Sex w/ Cassandra
    • *Sex w/ Mel
    • *Sex w/ Jake

Soul Passenger Targets:

  • Olivia
  • Cassandra
  • Julia

Dream Walk Targets:

  • Cassandra
  • Julia
  • Mia

Aspect Gestation Time:

  • Gestation time for Aspect of Dominance is 5 days
  • Gestation time for Aspect of Lust is 7 days
  • If a girl is pregnant with both aspects, it will take 5 days starting from the most recent impregnation.
  • An aspect must have at least 5 days of gestation to be born if using Aspect Mastery(v0.0.92.xx)

Birthing Scenes:

  • Olivia
  • Julia
  • *Cassandra
  • Valerie
  • Caroline
  • *Mia

Aspect Hunting Scenes:

  • Mia
  • Valerie


  • Julia Woods appears at the Hart residence on Sunday Night
  • Mel Price appears at the Hart residence on Saturday Late Night

Areas available:

  • The Hart’s residence
  • The school courtyard
  • Maple Street
  • Olivia’s Flower Shop
  • Oleander Road
  • The Price’s Apartment
  • Mel’s Room
  • Valerie’s Room
  • The Woods’ Den
  • Julia’s Room
  • Mia and Donovan’s Room
  • Caroline’s Dorm
  • Coffee Shop
  • Maple Street Mall
  • Reggie’s Club
  • Old Street
  • Horizon Street(v0.0.92.xx)
  • Shimmer Advertising(v0.0.92.xx)

Quest Guide:

  • Book of Lust
    • Learn “Command – Possess”.
  • G’nisi of the Meadows
    • Use Dream Walk on Cassandra 3 times. The Third time will open up a special choice.
    • Impregnate G’nisi
    • Pleasure a pregnant G’nisi
    • Impregnating or Pleasuring G’nisi 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
    • The Raven Mother will visit after aiding G’nisi 3 times.
    • The Morning Star will visit after meeting the Raven Mother.
    • (optional)Talk to Raven Mother to meet Morning Star in his realm.
    • (optional)(v0.0.88.1a)After meeting Morning Star, leave the dream realm and come back the next night. G’nisi will ask you to have sex with Raven Mother.
    • After having sex with G’nisi 6+ times, she’ll tell you to talk to Trish.
    • Talk to Trish in the Coffee Shop in the Early Morning.
    • Impregnate G’nisi to acquire the last memory crystal.
  • Chapter 1 Memetics
    • Go to the school as Jake in the afternoon.  Accept Julia’s invitation to lunch. (Must be done before day 15 or Caroline leaves).
    • Must interact with Caroline at least once a week until second bodyswap with her.
    • Talk to Caroline in her dorm.
    • Talk to Caroline in her dorm again with over 20 trust and 15 mood.
    • Talk to Caroline with over 25 trust and 20 mood.
    • Fuck Succubus in front of Caroline.
    • Fuck Caroline twice as Jake to invite her to live you.
    • Fuck succubus in front of Caroline 2 times.
    • Fuck succubus in front of Caroline 3 times.
    • Fuck succubus in front of Caroline 4 times.
    • Complete all of Caroline’s previous dialogue chains and impregnate her at least once.
    • Talk to Caroline about using Body Swap and Dream Walk on her
      • Talk to Caroline 3 times about Dreamwalking .
        • Must have at least 34 mana when sleeping to avoid Game Over.
      • Talk to Caroline about Body Swapping.
    • (Optional)Talk to the Succubus while Caroline is in the room.
    • Talk to Caroline about Body Swapping back.
    • Have sex with Caroline while having 100 mana or more.
    • Discuss Caroline’s situation with Mel and Julia.
      • Mel will send you back to bring “Jake” to him during Early Morning or Late Night.
      • Listening in on the conversation between “Jake” and Mel will require either Compulsion, Dominate Mind over Mel, or 80+ influence.
      • Julia has no requirements. Talking to Julia while not pregnant will get you a bonus scene.
    • Talk to Julia while she’s at home and you have enough mana to cast Body Swap.
    • Talk to Caroline again about Body Swapping.
    • Body Swap back with Caroline.
    • Caroline will no longer vanish after a week. Discuss Body Swapping with Caroline to swap with her.
    • Talk to Caroline again about Dreamwalking.
    • Go to sleep.
    • Talk with Caroline about fixing the spell. Must be playing as Jake and Caroline must not be pregnant.
    • Caroline can either stay or walk her own path depending on the Jake’s dialogue choices. If her mood falls to zero, she leaves.
      • Pick the following to Keep Caroline(Best):
        • “Not going to drag me down”
        • “You’re worth the effort”
        • “You’re not a liability”
        • “You’re stronger than you know, Caroline”
        • “You keep picking yourself back up”
        • “That’s what strength is”
        • “Because we’re friends”
        • “You’ve had plenty to offer”
        • “That’s only one side of you”
        • “Because I’m selfish”
      • Pick “Let her go” to have Caroline leave.
    • (Optional)Talk to the succubus about Caroline after convincing her to stick around.
  • The Wayward Ones
    • (Optional)Let Caroline cast Dreamwalk on you.
    • (Optional)Cast Dreamwalk 7 times by the time or after Caroline casts Dreamwalk on you.
  • (Optional)Home is where the Harts Are
    • After inviting Caroline to live with you, talk to the succubus.
    • Sleep in your room as Jake at Late Night when Cassandra isn’t possessed. Mel must not be present in the Hart household.
  • Chapter 2 Fiat Iustitia
    • (Optional)After day 15, enter the Hart den as Jake. Cassandra must not be Possessed.
    • (Optional)After Day 22, enter the Hart den as Jake. Cassandra must not be Possessed.
    • (Optional)After Day 30, enter the Hart den as Jake. Cassandra must not be Possessed.
    • Wait 10 days after completing Caroline’s Quest. Caroline must be your friend.
    • (Optional)Go to the Coffee Shop in the Late Morning.

Special Thanks:

A big thanks to Scion for letting me use his Fullscreen script.

Music is by ElectroKaplosion!

A big thanks to TiaraWhy for all tutorials and advice for creating this website.

Game not Launching or crashing at startup:

If you’re having an issue with Book of Lust not launching or crashing on startup, it might be a version of Citrix causing it.