Book of Lust Changelog

Known Bugs:

Book of Lust v0.0.81.1a (SubscribeStar Version)

-Lined and colored all body swap scenes.
-Added sex scene with Donovan while playing as Julia.
-Added new Lined and Colored scene involving the Morning Star while visiting G’nisi.
-Added a small rejection dialogue when failing to have sex with Donovan as Julia.

Book of Lust v0.0.80.1b

-Fixed wrong portraits showing during Julia’s Dream.
-Fixed some dialogue errors during Julia’s Dream.
-Fixed Cassandra’s soul passenger using Valerie’s lust to trigger the morning masturbation scene as well as a couple lines of dialogue throughout the day.
-fixed some portraits not appearing during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger.

Book of Lust v0.0.80.1a

-Lined and Colored Julia’s Dream Walk scenario.
-Added special scene after using Dream Walk on Julia a second time.
-Moved G’nisi’s pregnancy portrait swap and linking to Trish to her default menu rather than discussion menu.
-Added small variant scene with Delved Olivia when having sex the first time when Julia visits on Sunday.
-Added fix if the player has less than the maximum mana they should have if dominate Mind was active during Caroline’s finale.
-Fixed Talk button in G’nisi’s realm not being interactable when first meeting Raven Mother unless leaving and reentering the room.
-Fixed Sex with Caroline not having a Stamina Requirement.
-Fixed Cassandra’s Soul Passenger using Valerie’s lust for the late night masturbation sequence.
-Fixed Possessed Olivia’s Birthing displaying unpossessed Olivia.
-Fixed incorrect Succubus portraits showing up from time to time depending on Delve state.
-Fixed some typos.
-Fixed some portraits not appearing.

Book of Lust v0.0.79.1b

-Fixed softlock during sex scene with Mel while playing as Jake.
-Fixed Cassandra’s soulpassenger showing wrong dildo masturbation scene at night.
-Fixed Cassandra’s soulPassenger using Valerie’s Lust to trigger sex with Mel.
-Fixed the succubus’ dialogue about The Raven Mother not triggering.

Book of Lust v0.0.79.1a

-Lined and Colored Julia’s dominate mind/compulsion scene while playing as Jake.
-Added small conversation about the Raven Mother with your succubus after talking to the Raven Mother.
-Added Tease/Masturbate/Nothing choice to Julia’s Soul Passenger during dinner.
-Fixed Mia blowjob scene not showing during delve sex scene while playing as Jake.
-Fixed Caroline’s sprites showing up incorrectly during Soul Passenger.
-Fixed a couple portrait issues.
-Fixed Caroline’s mood being increased by 1 or two during her finale instead of subtracting.
-Fixed Julia’s soul passenger not cancelling the spell during late morning scene.

Book of Lust v0.0.78.1b

-Fixed softlock during Possessed Valerie’s birthing scene.
-Fixed incorrect Julia sprite showing up during her sunday visit.
-Fixed Dispelling Gestating Aspects requiring two cancellations.
-Fixed Caroline unable to get pregnant with both aspects during the threesome with Julia while playing as Jake.
-Fixed First two discussions with the succubus about Caroline not saving properly.
-Fixed Caroline ‘Caroline Moving in with you’ cutscene not showing correct sprite.
-Fixed Caroline gaining stats/getting pregnant when moving her to your room through the bodyswap discussion.
-Fixed Akasha’s outside/study being labelled incorrectly as left/right.
-Fixed ‘Fuck Other’ sex scene not appearing every once in a while playing as Jake and Olivia is possessed.
-Fixed incorrect portrait being shown when the succubus is asked to leave.
-Fixed permanent loss of max mana when completing Caroline’s quest while Dominate Mind is active.
-Fixed some typos and wording.
-Removed Influence requirement to impregnate Caroline.

Book of Lust v0.0.78.1a

-Added Lined and Colored sex scene with Mia while playing as Jake.
-Updated how character portraits are called in soul passenger and a couple other cutscenes.
-Fixed Julia not appearing pregnant when answering the door for her.
-Fixed Julia not appearing pregnant when having sex with her as Jake and Caroline.

Book of Lust v0.0.77.1c (Public Build)

-Fixed softlock when Olivia gives birth to the Aspect of Dominance.

Book of Lust v0.0.77.1b

-Fixed softlock when talking to Lust after exhausting the new G’nisi dialog.
-Fixed softlock during possessed Julia’s birthing scene.
-Fixed ignoring the birthing scenes to cause a duplicate tentacle when birthing twins.
-Fixed the aspects carrying over into a new game under certain circumstances.

Book of Lust v0.0.77.1a

-Lined and Colored Caroline’s birthing scenes.
-Added Julia Possession variants for birthing scene.
-Added roughs for Mia’s birthing scene.
-Added special birthing scene when both aspects are gestating in the same girl.
-Added new mechanic that laters gestation time when the same girl is pregnant with both aspects. Gestation period lasts 5 days from the most recent impregnation.
-Added scene involving Phoebe and Regina at the Coffee Shop after the BlightFire sighting in Chapter 2 during the Late Morning.
-Added small discussion with Lust about G’nisi after meeting her for the first time.
-Fixed Camera not adjusting for fullscreen during the News segment sections on some resolutions.

Book of Lust v0.0.76.1b

-Fixed pregnancy sprite only showing based off of most recent aspect pregnancy.
-Fixed No animation showing up during Mia’s Delved Sex scene as Jake while she’s pregnant.
-Fixed only one aspect buff showing on the UI when both are active.
-Fixed UI buffs and pregnancies not displaying correctly.
-Fixed Caroline losing 10 trust instead of it being set to 10 during pregnancy conversation with the succubus.
-Fixed flickering cutscenes during Caroline’s finale.
-Fixed Date and Time text not appearing when loading into game from title screen.
-Fixed Various Typos.
-Added new UI icons to separate Aspect of Lust and Aspect of Dominance pregnancies.

Book of Lust v0.0.76.1a

-Added Lined and Colored sex scenes with Mia under Delve while playing as Jake.
-Added ability to have two aspects at the same time.
-Added ability to impregnate two girls at the same time. (Or the same girl with two aspects.)
-Added updated versions of all songs.
-Fixed some typos.

Book of Lust v0.0.75.1c

-Reorganzied Menu Screen.
-Added a link to the Musician behind the Book of Lust OST’s youtube channel.
-Fixed Hotkey not working to travel to the Raven Mother’s Area.
-Fixed Birthing scenes not showing correct scenario based on Succubus Possession.

Book of Lust v0.0.75.1b

-Fixed Possession not working.
-Fixed Optional news segments about BlightFire activating after Chapter 2 begins.

Book of Lust v0.0.75.1a

-Added new picture to Cassandra Sex scene while playing as Jake.
-Added new picture to Olivia sex scene while playing as Jake.
-Added stereo versions of all soundtracks.
-Added Akasha’s Realm Theme.
-Added Raven Mother’s Theme.
-Added Raven Mother’s home.
-Added a scene involving the Raven Mother in Akasha’s Realm.
-Added Chapter 2: Fiat Iustitia Introduction. It will start 10 days after insuring Caroline stays around after her quest.
-Lined and Colored base Olivia pictures for”Succubus Leaves” bad end.
-Lined and Colored “Succubus Leaves” bad end while playing as Jake.
-Optimized Scene Transition Loadings a little.
-Fixed Investigate Hotkey not working properly in Akasha’s Realm.
-Fixed Hotkeys not showing up on “Outside” and “Study” buttons.
-Fixed small appearing in Caroline’s intro
-Fixed a bit of Cassandra’s portrait.
-Fixed softlock if trying to have sex with Caroline with less than 30 love.

Book of Lust v0.0.74.1b

-Updated the home theme.

Book of Lust v0.0.74.1a

-Lined and Colored Caroline’s Finale.
-Lined and Colored Blowjob in restaurant scene.
-Lined and Colored Bodyswap scene with Caroline.
-Added sketch of Valerie’s birthing scene.
-Fixed Olivia’s birthing scene playing while Julia is giving birth while playing as Julia.
-Fixed sex scene with Jake as Caroline displaying one of the old sketches instead of lined/colored version.
-Fixed getting locked in Julia’s room while Julia and Caroline are having sex.
-Changed some of the wording in the Bad End scene through Caroline’s dream.

Book of Lust v0.0.73.1a

-Lined and Colored Caroline’s One piece suit sex scene.
-Lined and colored image of Caroline’s Body Swap.
-Changed some minimum/maximum values for npc inf/love/lust stats depending on who’s body Jake is in.
-Olivia passively gains lust every night irregardless of her Love stat.
-Lust goes up to 100 on Possession target when initially cast on them.
-Fixed Fullscreen mode making everything blurry.
-Fixed characters referring to Donovan as “Valerie” when offering sex as Donovan.
-Fixed softlock while having sex with Delved Cassandra while playing as Donovan.
-Fixed Donovan’s Soul Passenger Displaying/Altering Mel’s stats instead of his own.
-Fixed Placeholder scene for Sex with Olivia displaying no when playing as Donovan/Valerie.
-Fixed Aspects not being interactable in the Woods’ Masterbedroom when playing as Donovan.
-Fixed Various Characters not changing properly upon body swap.
-Fixed Various Typos.

Book of Lust v0.0.72.1a

-Lined and Colored Jake’s Dream when Caroline casts it.
-Lined and Colored Aspect of Dominance and Mia sex scene.
-Lined and Colored Valerie’s Body Swap scene.
-Fixed Valerie’s portrait showing up during Cassandra’s Dreamwalk Scenario.
-Added hotkeys to Akasha’s Realm.

Book of Lust v0.0.71.1b

-Fixed Followers Button not appearing.
-Fixed pregnancy sprites not showing up for Caroline or Julia in certain scenes.
-Fixed some hotkeys not working properly.
-Fixed “Cancel” button not deactivating during certain scenes.

Book of Lust v0.0.71.1a

-Added Hotkeys to most of the Main UI.
-Lined and Colored scene when inviting Caroline to live with Jake.
-Lined and Colored vanilla sex scene with Jake as Caroline.

Book of Lust v0.0.70.1b

-Fixed softlock in Olivia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Cum hotkey not working during Caroline’s Sex scene as Jake.

Book of Lust v0.0.70.1a

-Lined and Colored Caroline’s Introduction
-Added, Lined and Colored Valerie’s Delve scene while playing as Julia.
-Added Valerie’s Delve scene during Julia’s Soul Passenger.
-Added Hotkeys for resolution in-game.

Book of Lust v0.0.69.1a

-Fixed Dreamwalk on Jake returning and triggering Dominate mind instead.
-Added new UI for aspect interaction.
-Added Aspect sex scene with Valerie.
-Reworked how the aspects hunt. Player can now choose a target to send the aspects to. They’ll wait around in the target’s den until night. Target must be in their bedroom that night and not be possessed/swapped.
-Fixed dialogue portraits showing up at incorrect time.

Book of Lust v0.0.68.1b

-Fixed Softlock during Julia/Caroline/Jake Threesome while playing as Caroline.
-Fixed Mia not being able to sleep in her room.
-Fixed Soulpassenger not reading player’s body’s location properly.
-Fixed Donovan’s portrait not showing up when loading a save game with him in the room.

Book of Lust v0.0.68.1a

-Added School Lounge.
-Added Julia’s Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Added a scene onto the ‘Wayward Ones’ quest.
-Added sex with Caroline as Julia after completing her quest.
-Added threesome with Caroline and Julia while playing as Jake.
-Added sex scene when walking into Julia’s room when Jake/Julia/Caroline are having sex when playing as either Jake/Julia/Caroline.
-Added placeholder SoulPassenger Scenes for Valerie/Mel/Donovan/Mia. (They don’t necessarily coincide with any schedules at the moment.)
-Casting Dreamwalk on Jake should play the Dream scenario of whoever Jake swapped bodies with.

Book of Lust v0.0.67.1b

-Added Cheat button to give max mana separately.
-Added Cheat button to give max stamina separately.
-Added Cheat button to give +100 exp separately.
-Fixed Cheat button not giving exp if using any of the +10/-10 cheat stat modifier buttons before hitting the main cheat button.
-Fixed flirting with Mia as Jake giving wrong lust value.
-Fixed exp bar not showing current level values as opposed to overall values.
-Decreased some lag when selecting the Spells menu.

Book of Lust v0.0.67.1a

-Added Dream Walk Scenario for Mia
-Added Dream Walk Generic placeholders for Donovan, Olivia, Mel, and Valerie.
-Added Option during Fuck Other Scenario in which succubus can become impregnated by their target if target is male (Or impregnate them if it’s Delved Valerie and her target is female).
-Fixed Spell Menu momentarily popping up when selecting Fuck Other.
-Fixed +10/-10 cheat stat modification buttons not working for Donovan and Valerie.
-Cheat button should no longer set current exp to 1700 if used at least once.

Book of Lust v0.0.66.1c

-Fixed Softlock when having sex with Delved Olivia as Cassandra.
-Fixed Infatuation description typo.
-Fixed sex with Mia not modifying stats accordingly.
-Fixed infatuation on Valerie not displaying correct values.

Book of Lust v0.0.66.1b

-Fixed Softlock when choosing ‘Succubus Commands’ on Mia.
-Fixed Donovan not having option to Sleep/Wait in the Woods’ bedroom.
-Fixed Delve not reverting Julia and Mia to default succubus sprite on cast.
-Fixed Dominate Mind refunding mana regardless of anyone being dominated when finishing Caroline’s quest.

Book of Lust v0.0.66.1a

-Added Possessed/Delved Mia along with sprites/functionality.
-Updated Possessed Olivia/Normal Olivia’s Dialogue sprite.
-Updated Mia’s Dialogue sprite.
-Lined and Colored Julia’s Possession scene.
-Lined and Colored Valerie’s Possession scene.
-Fixed Pregnant Mia sprite not showing.
-Fixed Fuck Other for Valerie not working.
-Fixed Stat Portrait not updating correctly when casting delve.
-Fixed not being able to have sex with Mia while playing as Mel.

Book of Lust v0.0.65.1b

-Fixed Softlock when Selecting “Succubuss Commands” when Valerie is possessed.

Book of Lust v0.0.65.1a

-Added Possession/Delve/Fuck Other functionality to Valerie.
-Updated Valerie’s portraits.
-Fixed finding out about Caroline being able to become pregnant scene triggering every time she’s impregnated.
-Fixed Soul Passenger not sending Jake to the location in the character’s schedule.
-Fixed Succubus’ theme playing throughout Olivia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed two softlocks during Olivia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed incorrect portraits displaying during Olivia’s soul Passenger.
-Fixed stats not adjusting correctly when banging Mel in the Morning.
-Fixed incorrect portraits displaying during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Valerie’s stats being altered instead of Cassandra’s in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Mel’s dialogue portrait not showing when having sex with Jake as Mel.
-Fixed Olivia’s dialogue portrait not showing when having sex with Jake as Olivia.
-Fixed Valerie’s stats being altered instead of Cassandra’s in Cassandra’s Dream Walk.
-Fixed not being able to cast Fuck other on Donovan.

Book of Lust v0.0.64.1c

-Fixed Succubus not repossessing Olivia at the end of Chapter 1 correctly.
-Fixed Soul Link triggering off of the optional Fiat Iustitia cutscenes
-Fixed Buffs not dispeling after time skip on chapter 1’s finale.
-Fixed Mana/Stamina not being adjusted on Compulsion/Dominate Mind sex with Julia.
-Fixed Soul Link triggering off of leaving G’nisi’s realm without having sex.
-Fixed Potential Softlock during Olivia’s Soul Passenger
-Fixed various typos.

Book of Lust v0.0.64.1b

-Fixed Sex Scenes with Donovan while playing as anyone else not working.
-Fixed Obedience and Affection not working on Donovan.

Book of Lust v0.0.64.1a

-Added Donovan Functionality.
-Added Sex Scene with Jake while playing as Julia.
-Julia should no longer invite Jake to the Cafeteria while possessed.
-Julia should no longer be available for dating advice or seducing Caroline while Possessed.
-Reduced Amount of times required to fuck succubus for Caroline’s quest to 2, 3, and 4 times from 3, 5, and 7 times.
-Added small line when talking with succubus about Caroline hinting at using the Aspect Birth spells on her.
-Changed wording of “who should cast bodyswap” choice when talking to Caroline to make it less confusing.
-Fixed Infatuation not dispelling when bodyswapping with Valerie.
-Fixed a couple of the placeholder dialogue.
-Fixed incorrect music playing at certain times.

Book of Lust v0.0.63.1c

-Fixed softlock when having sex with Delved Olivia while Playing as Cassandra.
-Added updated version of Caroline’s ending theme.
-Updated Jake’s portrait.

Book of Lust v0.0.63.1b

-Fixed potential softlock when summoning succubus in front of Caroline.
-Fixed incorrect portrait displayed during Mel/Jake sex scene.
-Fixed Soul Link not working.
-Typos/Grammar during various scenes.

Book of Lust v0.0.63.1a

-Added Chapter 1 Finale.
-Fixed softlock during Aspects hunting scenes.
-Fixed Talent UI not updating skill rank.
-Fixed Body Swapped Caroline disappearing under certain circumstances instead of following Jake’s schedule.

Book of Lust v0.0.62.1d

-Fixed softlock when talking to succubus about Caroline when her bodyswap and dreamwalk quests are complete.
-Fixed softlock when openning options screen on main menu.

Book of Lust v0.0.62.1c

-Fixed not being able to cast dreamwalk on Caroline if casting the spell on someone else during her quest.
-Fixed softlock when talking to succubus about Caroline after completing her bodyswap and dreamwalk quests.
-Fixed skipping Caroline’s first dreamwalk quest.
-Fixed Spell UI showing up over main UI when initiating dreamwalk on Caroline.
-Fixed Soul Link activating during both dreamwalks in Caroline’s questline.

-Reduced transparency of dialogue boxes a little.
-Made change to a script used by almost all scenes. It was possibly ‘causing an issue in which scenes would transition without variables fully saving.

Book of Lust v0.0.62.1b

-Fixed Summon Succubus not working when Julia is possessed.
-Fixed Fuck other not working when Julia possessed.
-Fixed Cassandra and Mel not having sex when he visits under certain conditions.

Book of Lust v0.0.62.1a

-Added ability to have the succubus Possess Julia.
-Added onto Caroline’s Dreamwalk quest. (Forgot to add this to the Changelog)
-Added Delve capability while Julia is possessed.
-Added generic placeholder scene with Julia under Dominate Mind/Compulsion while playing as Caroline.
-Fixed having Caroline cast Bodyswap cost Jake mana.
-Fixed Caroline’s “Watch Jake fuck his succubus” counter not advancing during placeholder sex scenes.
-Fixed a scheduling glitch when Mel visits and the player isn’t home.
-Fixed Soul Link not working on Valerie, Julia, and Mia.

Book of Lust v0.0.61.1b

-Fixed not being able to sleep in Valeries room while playing as Valerie.
-Fixed not being able to become pregnant while having sex with Jake as Olivia.
-Fixed Characters not appearing under certain conditions. (This is something I can’t seem to replicate in v0.0.61.1a but seems to happen in v0.0.61.1b. I adjusted the problem scripts just in case.)

Book of Lust v0.0.61.1a

-Finished G’nisi’s sex scenes.
-Redid code that handles npc Locations.
-Reduced requirement to progress G’nisi of the Meadow’s storyline to increments of 3 times aiding her instead of 5.
-Fixed ability to do Caroline’s Body Swap quest through Julia again.
-Fixed Valerie’s Infatuation text saying she gains +612.
-Fixed not being able to talk to Caroline about where she got her book.
-Fixed sex with Caroline during bodyswap not adjusting Timer for Caroline leaving appropriately.

Book of Lust v0.0.60.1b

-Fixed Jake not having sex with Julia when playing as anyone other than Jake when she comes over.
-Fixed Caroline Casting BodySwap costing Jake’s mana.
-Fixed Caroline’s scheduling system.
-Fixed Bad End while playing as Julia and sending the succubus away playing Mel’s bad end instead.
-Fixed Various placeholder sex scenes playing wrong scene.
-Fixed Softlock when performing any time advancing action in Mia and Donovan’s Bedroom.

Book of Lust v0.0.60.1a

-Added more onto Caroline’s BodySwap quest.
-“Not enough mana” text will show when discussing bodyswapping/dreamwalking with Caroline if Jake doesn’t have right amount of mana.
-Added Bodyswap capabilities with Julia, Valerie, and Mia.
-Added Mia’s bedroom.
-Added Bad end while playing as Julia and making the succubus leave when learning “Command – Possess”
-Added Variant of the Jake/Caroline/Julia Threesome scene when trying to bang either Caroline or Julia while they’re in the same room.
-Fixed looping event(softlock) when having compulsion sex with Mel as anyone but Jake.
-Fixed placeholder sex giving compulsion stats and text.
-Fixed Obedience and Infatuation not working on Mia.
-Fixed Valerie not receiving Influence when using “Small Talk”.
-Fixed Possessed placeholder sex with Cassandra while playing as Olivia not working.

Book of Lust v0.0.59.1e

-Fixed sex option with Olivia triggering sex with Possessed Cassandra.
-Fixed sex with Olivia not giving proper stats as Mel.
-Fixed regular sex scene with Jake while bodyswapped with Caroline not showing up.
-Fixed some incorrect text boxes showing up at improper times.
-Fixed some dialogue portraits not showing up in certain scenes.
-Fixed incorrect Cassandra portrait showing up during her sex scene when playing as Mel under certain conditions.
-Fixed incorrect Olivia portrait showing up during her sex scene when playing as Mel under certain conditions.
-Gave “Delved” Cassandra pupils.
-Fixed Mia’s Dialogue portrait having Trish’s necklace.
-Fixed time not passing during When getting advice from both Mel and Julia during Caroline’s quest.

Book of Lust v0.0.59.1d

-Fixed Caroline Casino girl suit not playing.
-Fixed Creampie picture not seen when having sex with Possessed Olivia as Jake under certain conditions.

Book of Lust v0.0.59.1c

-Fixed softlock when having sex with Jake as Mel.
-Fixed softlock when having Possessed Cassandra have sex with Olivia.

Book of Lust v0.0.59.1b

-Fixed Infatuation/Obedience/Affection/Bend Will not working on Valerie.
-Fixed Seduce and Flirt not raising Valrie’s stats properly.
-Fixed Valerie not letting the player in to the Price Apartment when Mel’s not home.

Book of Lust v0.0.59.1a

-Added Valerie Price.
-Added Valerie’s Room.
-Added Valerie’s Talk/StatsMenu functionality.
-Finished the Price Den’s Background.
-Added Sex Scene with Valerie while playing as Jake.
-Added Barebones Placeholders for characters with no scenes. Stat adjustments should available for Sex/Dominate Mind/Compulsion/Impregnations.
-Added a way to delete save files.
-Added a warning on the load menu if a save file is Corrupted.
-Fixed inf/love/lust penalty still remaining on Julia when failing to have sex with her.
-Reworked Jake’s Character portrait’s anatomy a little.

Book of Lust v0.0.58.1c

-Fixed Softlock when Mel visits while Cassandra is Possessed.
-Fixed Julia getting pregnant while playing as Caroline during her visit.

Book of Lust v0.0.58.1b

-Fixed not being able to seduce Caroline when getting kicked out of Mel’s room during Caroline’s Body Swap Quest.
-Fixed Cum hotkey not working during Mia scene.
-Fixed typo.

Book of Lust v0.0.58.1a

-Added Mia Compulsion scene while playing as Jake.
-Added Bunny-Suit Sex scene during Caroline’s Bodyswap quest.
-Fixed Caroline’s Dreamwalk being repeatable
-Finished Mia’s Portrait.
-Fixed Mia and Mel sharing Lust Values.
-Removed Caroline vanishing when her mood hits -100.
-Fixed error message when trying to bodyswap back with Caroline.
-Fixed Discuss actions with Caroline not updating her vanish timer.
-Fixed Julia’s dating advice not saving through scenes (including save/load).

Book of Lust v0.0.57.1b

-Fixed Softlock when using the Travel Button to go to the Mall.
-Fixed Jake being incorrectly referred to as Jake during Mel’s visit when playing as someone other than Jake.

Book of Lust v0.0.57.1a

-Added the Mall location
-Finished Cassandra’s Dream sequence.
-Added Mel’s Advice dialogue to Caroline’s Bodyswap. Must have 80 influence, compulsion or dominate mind active on Mel to be able to listen in to the conversation.
-Added Julia’s Advice dialogue to Caroline’s Bodyswap. Must not be pregnant to get a picture of “Caroline” in a bunny suit.
-Fixed softlock(hopefully for good) after Caroline vanishes and discussing it with the succubus.

Book of Lust v0.0.56.1c

-Fixed softlock on Olivia’s Soul Passenger when Mel visits in the morning.

Book of Lust v0.0.56.1b

-Fixed softlock after Caroline Vanishes and discussing with the succubus.
-Fixed blue pregnancy icon not disappearing properly on stat menu after Trish is impregnated.
-Fixed pregnancy portraits showing up at wrong times during Olivia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Caroline’s helium tank momentarily appearing when leaving her room after she vanishes.

Book of Lust v0.0.56.1a

-Added another news segment onto “Fiat Iustitia” after day 30.
-Added Julia/Jake/Caroline threesome when Julia visits.
-Added Julia/Jake/Caroline napping scene when Julia visits.
-Added onto Caroline’s bodyswap quest when having sex with Caroline with 100 mana after trying to switch back.
-Removed requirement to summon the succubus in front of Caroline in order to discuss the Hart’s Past with the succubus.
-Fixed Caroline’s pregnant portrait not appearing during Julia’s visit.
-Fixed Swapped Caroline’s portrait not disappearing from Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Fixed Spell UI not disappearing properly when bodyswapping.
-Fixed and reworked various bits of Olivia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Mel’s Portrait not appearing in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed one of the images not disappearing correctly under certain conditions in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger.

Book of Lust v0.0.55.1c

-No longer have to listen to G’nisi’s memory crystal to recieve a new one.
-Cassandra’s infatuation effects fixed.
-Cassandra’s stats will carry over properly after viewing her dream then entering G’nisi’s realm.
-Redid Caroline’s model when bodyswapped with Caroline.
-Fixed Mia clone when loading a save in woods den.
-Fixed softlock when Mel Visits and Cassandra is sleeping.

Book of Lust v0.0.55.1b

-Fixed softlock when talking to Trish with any other character during her quest.
-Fixed Trish not shoo’ing anyone besides Jake away during her quest.
-Fixed the “Succubus leaving” bad end appearing after bodyswapping with Caroline.
-Removed some old code related to the load menu. It might have been causing some conflicts.

Book of Lust v0.0.55.1a

-Added Akasha’s study functionality onto “G’nisi of the Meadows” quest.
-Added Trish as a minor character.
-Altered Trish’s portrait.
-Added spell “Akasha’s Realm” after having attained her second memory Crystal.
-Added new School/Maple Street bgm.
-Added Coffee Shop location.
-Added optional dialogue after first swapping with Caroline.
-Added additional scene onto the first body swap with Caroline.
-Added toggle to enable/disable Cheat Buttons.
-Added sex scene with Julia when playing as Caroline.
-Enlarged the stat menu to fit all buttons.
-Removed Rejection stat penalties for sex.
-Removed Rejection stat penalties for talking.
-Fixed Caroline disappearing with Jake’s body.
-Fixed Succubus’ Discussion about Caroline not having a cancel option.
-Integrated Body Swapped Caroline into Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenario.

Book of Lust v0.0.54.1b

-Fixed softlock when going into Akasha’s study after talking her.
-Fixed talk button not working on Akasha.
-Fixed Akasha’s cancel dialogue options.
-Fixed UI not disappearing correctly when casting Dreamwalk.

Book of Lust v0.0.54.1a

-Added “G’nisi of the Meadows” quest. To activate this quest, use Dreamwalk on Cassandra twice. You will get a special choice the third time Dreamwalk is cast on her.
-Added Akasha Sex scene.
-Added Pregnant Akasha Sex scene.

Book of Lust v0.0.53.1a (Public Build)

-Fixed the “Home is Where the Harts Are” quest only showing up immediately after Caroline moves into Jake’s room instead of anytime after.
-Fixed Softlock when Mel visits as Caroline.
-Changed Main Menu visuals.
-Removed Patreon Link from main menu.

(Dev Note: I want to disclose something because I personally like transparency from game devs.  I suppose this might be to my detriment, but I still feel like I should say this anyways.  Since this was an ‘Emergency Update’ I had to make a Public Build with what I was working on for v0.0.54.1a.  I artificially locked off the Akasha content.  This is done for two reasons:

1)  My hand was forced by Patreon to release another version without a link to them.
2)  I felt this was fair to the people who are paying for the $15 tier.  Despite everything that’s happening, I still want them to feel like they’re getting something out of it.

I just wanted to say I hope you guys understand.  That and I truly do appreciate you guys for sticking around.  I think it’s going to be hard several months as I try to recuperate. )

Book of Lust v0.0.52.1b

-Fixed softlock when failing Caroline’s Dream Walk Quest.
-Fixed softlock when having sex with Jake as Caroline.
-Fixed Sex animation not showing up when having sex with Bodyswapped Caroline.

Book of Lust v0.0.52.1a

-Added Dominate Mind/Compulsion sex scene with Mel while playing as Jake.
-If Caroline disappears due to not interacting with her, the bgm in her bedroom will be removed.
-Added additional parts onto Caroline’s quest. Complete all of Caroline’s dialogue chain while having impregnated her at least once.
-Added Caroline’s Dream walk quest. Complete all of Caroline’s dialogue chain excluding the Body Swap quest. Talk to her about Dream Walking 3 times. Must have 34 mana upon sleeping to not game over.
-Added Caroline’s Body Swap quest. Complete all of Caroline’s dialogue chain excluding the Dream Walk quest. (Warning: Progressing this point has a lot of broken mechanics. It’s advised you Save before swapping and don’t save after.)
-Added Birthing variant if Jake is Caroline.
-Added sex scene with Jake while playing as Caroline.
-Fixed some of Caroline’s stats not saving correctly.

Book of Lust v0.0.51.1b

-Fixed some of the spelling and grammar in the intro.
-Fixed Caroline’s theme song playing even after she ‘vanishes’.
-Reworded some of Caroline’s conversation after having sex with your succubus in front of her 7 times.

Book of Lust v0.0.51.1a

-Added Caroline’s birthing scene.
-Added 3 dialogue events progressing Caroline’s quest. Talk to Caroline after having sex with your succubus 3, 5, and 7 times in front of Caroline.
-Added Julia’s bgm.
-Added new Main Menu bgm.
-Previous BGM now plays during Cassandra’s dream.
-Fixed Dreamwalk text displaying on mana dialogue box.
-Fixed Julia’s stats not having a minimum/maximum cap.
-Fixed Cassandra’s portrait not disappearing correctly after her “Picture” conversation.

Book of Lust v0.0.50.1b

-Fixed second television segment of Fiat Iustitia infinite loop.
-Fixed Caroline’s portrait taking too long to disappear during Julia’s Nap event.

Book of Lust v0.0.50.1a

-Added Compulsion/Dominate Mind sex with Julia while playing as Jake.
-Added another optional scene for Chapter 2: Fiat Iustitia on after Day 22.
-Finished Mel’s Room Background.
-Finished Oleander Road Background.
-Fixed Caroline’s portrait not disappearing correctly when inviting over to nap.

Book of Lust v0.0.49.1c

-Fixed Caroline’s location not resetting back to her dorm when exiting to main menu and starting a new game.

Book of Lust v0.0.49.1b

-Fixed softlock when Jake doesn’t have enough Stamina to have sex with both Caroline and Julia.
-Fixed cum hotkey not working during sex scene with Caroline as Jake.
-Fixed incorrect Julia portraits showing up during Olivia’s Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Fixed Caroline and Julia’s portraits not fading at the same time during Julia’s visit scenario.

Book of Lust v0.0.49.1a

-Added a modified intro song with less buildup.
-Finished Jake and Caroline’s sex scene.
-Added the Hart’s subquest during Caroline’s quest.
-Added “The Harts’ Theme” bgm.
-Added some extra dialogue when having sex with Caroline while either of the Aspect spells are active. Must have 60+ trust with her to accept being impregnated.
-Added a line mentioning Caroline being pregnant when talking with her.
-Fixed wrong Animation showing during Jake and Olivia’s sex scene.
-Fixed “Affection” showing wrong mana cost when mousing over spell.

Book of Lust v0.0.48.1a

-Added a new main menu theme.
-Caroline should now only watch you if you have sex with the succubus while in the same room as her.
-Sex with Caroline now effects the 7 day timer that causes her to leave.
-Finished Maple street Background.
-Added Julia’s dream sequence.
-Caroline can be invited to stay in Jake’s room during Jake and Caroline’s Sex scene. Jake must have slept with Caroline at once prior.
-Caroline gains extra lust while watching Jake have sex with Julia on Sunday Night.
-Made some small changes to dialogue in “Julia’s visit” sex scene.
-Made some small changes to the dialogue in Jake and Caroline’s sex scene.

Book of Lust v0.0.47.1a

-Lined and Colored Julia’s Birthing scenes.
-Added Caroline Sex scene as Jake.
-Changed Night Time music.
-Added some revised versions of background tracks.
-Added Caroline’s theme.
-Caroline should now appear in her bedroom at all times throughout the day.
-Cheat button now works with Caroline.
-Fixed softlock when playing as Mel and visiting Hart residence while Cassandra is told not to open the door during the time he’d normally visit.
-Fixed Fuck Other not costing the correct amount of Mana.
-Fixed Olivia always appearing naked when learning Possession.
-Fixed sex with Cassandra scene as Jake displaying night scene during day.
-Fixed Caroline not appearing when loading a saved game with her in the room.
-Fixed some typos.

Book of Lust v0.0.46.1b

-Fixed Spell menu showing when summoning succubus in Caroline’s room.
-Fixed Sex with Julia option not working after Caroline’s Cafeteria scene.
-Fixed softlock when attempting to enter Caroline’s room in the afternoon just after meeting her in the cafeteria.

Book of Lust v0.0.46.1a

-Added Caroline to the Stats Screen
-Added Julia Birthing scene
-Finished News segment featuring BlightFire and BlueLightning.
-Added a little more to the Caroline Questline (Trust must be 20 or higher. Mood must be 15 or higher.).
-Caroline now gains lust during her cafeteria introduction.
-Fixed wrong Spell UI showing up when cancelling Aspect spells.
-Fixed wrong Spell UI showing up during Bodyswap under certain conditions.
-Fixed wrong Spell UI showing up when attempting to cast Soul Passenger without a Soul Link Target.
-Fixed Julia’s Room not displaying Night background.
-Fixed the Woods’ Den not displaying Night background.
-Fixed Julia’s Missing Freckles during her sex scene.
-Fixed Caroline’s Stat box not disappearing correctly when she leaves her dorm.

Book of Lust v0.0.45.1c

-Fixed Min/Max values for stats not working properly.
-Fixed some typos.

Book of Lust v0.0.45.1b

-Fixed Caroline not being able to be talked to.
-Added a Button going to my website.

Book of Lust v0.0.45.1a

-Finished the Hart’s Door background.
-Finished the University’s background.
-Finished The Woods’ Den background.
-Finished Caroline’s Speaker Portrait
-Added Caroline’s room
-Added Caroline’s Character Model
-Added requirement of meeting Caroline before 15th day in the Cafeteria in order to meet her.
-Streamlined spell casting UI.
-Added Olivia/Jake Fuck Other scene.
-Fixed Wrong dialogue portraits showing up every once in a while.

Book of Lust v0.0.44.1b

-Fixed Time not passing after television event.

Book of Lust v0.0.44.1a

-Fixed typos
-Fixed Mel and Julia not showing up during Olivia’s Soul Passenger.
-Finished Julia’s visit.
-Added a small event surrounding Blue Lightning and BlightFire: After Day 15 walk into the Hart Den as Jake at night. Cassandra must not be possessed.

Book of Lust v0.0.43.1a

-Fixed Bend Will and Affection requiring 20 mana instead of the correct amount.
-Fixed wrong animation being played during Julia’s sex scene as Jake.
-Fixed some typos.
-Fixed volume muting on certain conditions.
-Finished Olivia’s sex scene while playing as Jake.
-Finished Flower Shop background.

Book of Lust v0.0.42.1a

-Finished Aspect of Lust – Hunt scene.
-Added SubscribeStar link to Main Menu.
-Fixed Car option avaialable to other characters other than Mel under certain conditions.
-Fixed loading into black room when having sex with Olivia/Cassandra the same night Mel stays over.
-Fixed Mel not appearing Cassandra and Olivia’s room when going to sleep while he’s knocking.
-Fixed Mel not appearing in room the next day when inviting him in overnight.

Book of Lust v0.0.41.1b

-Fixed Softlock when in front of Hart house on Sunday Late Night.
-Fixed Softlock when telling Delved Cassandra to not answer door.

Book of Lust v0.0.41.1a

-Finished Julia UI’s portrait.
-Finished Akasha UI’s portrait.
-Finished Mia’s UI portrait.
-Finished Julia’s Character portrait.
-Finished Pregnant Julia’s Character portrait.
-Finished Mel’s Character portrait.
-Resized Jake’s character portrait.
-Finished Intro scene.
-Removed scene when Succubus’ Hunger gets too high.
-Hunger will now degrade Succubus’ Inf when hunger is over 80.
-Fixed Patreon Button not working.
-Fixed not gaining a skill point when levelling up during Soul passenger.

Book of Lust v0.0.40.1c

-Fixed softlock when telling Cassandra to not answer the door

Book of Lust v0.0.40.1b

-Fixed softlock when Mel visits and Cassandra is possessed.
-Fixed Mel not appearing in Olivia and Cassandra’s Rooms in the morning while using Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Compulsion sex with Olivia not fading to black when displaying stats.
-Fixed Jake’s character portrait’s muzzle anatomy a little.
-Removed Cancel option during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger when Julia comes over.
-Removed prequisite of being level 3 to meet Caroline.

Book of Lust v0.0.40.1a

-Added Compulsion/Dominate Mind sex with Olivia as Jake.
-Finished Jake’s UI portrait.
-Finished Mel’s UI portrait.
-Finished Cassandra’s UI portrait.
-Finished Possessed Cassandra’s UI portrait.
-Finished the Aspect of Lust’s UI portrait.
-Redid Jake’s character portrait.
-Fixed Succubus stats not showing up properly in interaction menus.
-Reworked some behind the scenes scripts for the ‘Visit’ events.

Book of Lust v0.0.39.1c

-Fixed getting locked out of your own room while playing as Jake when Julia shows up on Sunday while not at home.
-Fixed incorrect Julia portrait being shown when napping wither when she visits.
-Fixed succubus dialogue portrait showing up incorrectly during Julia’s visit.
-Fixed pregnant Julia portrait not displaying when she visits on Sunday.

Book of Lust v0.0.39.1b

-Fixed some Resolution problems on load
-Fixed “Quit” Button activating the “New Game” Button right before game closes at Main Menu.
-Fixed Mel showing up in Olivia’s room despite turning him away, under certain conditions.
-Added Screen Resolution hotkeys to the Disclaimer menu
-“1” = 1280×720
-“2” = 1152×648
-“3” = 1024×576
-“4” = 896×504
-“5” = 768×432
-“Q” = FullScreen

Book of Lust v0.0.39.1a

-Fixed Succubus Synergy resetting to 0 when giving Cassandra a ride home as Mel.
-Fixed typo on loss of stats when rejected by Mel when playing as Cassandra.
-Fixed Cassandra not getting pregnant during her Soul Passenger scenes with Mel.
-Finished Cassandra’s Character Portraits.
-Added a sex scene with Mel while playing as Jake.

Book of Lust v0.0.38.1c

-Changed mana cost of both “Affection” and “Bend Will” to 25.
-Fixed Jake and Cassandra sex animation showing wrong time of day under certain conditions.
-Fixed some stat values when using Soul Passenger on Cassandra and inviting Mel over.
-Fixed “Cum” hotkey not working during Jake and Julia Sex scene.
-Fixed compulsion sex with Cassandra showing glitched animation.
-Fixed sex scene with Mel not loading correct background while playing as Cassandra.
-Fixed Succubus Synergy resetting to 0 when having sex with Mel while playing as Cassandra.

Book of Lust v0.0.38.1b

-Fixed Julia’s pregnant portrait appearance bug.
-Fixed Julia’s portrait not showing up correctly under certain scenarios during the Jake/Julia Sex scene.
-Fixed Day/Night sorting during Jake/Julia Sex scene.

Book of Lust v0.0.38.1a

-Finished Jake/Julia Sex scene.
-Added ability to impregnate Julia.
-Added pregnant Julia portrait.
-Fixed portraits displaying pregnancy incorrectly after loading a profile under certain conditions.

Book of Lust v0.0.37.1b

-Raised Julia’s stats for Jake at the beginning of game.
-Julia passively gains lust when playing as Jake.
-Fixed bug background bug when going to school.
-Fixed softlock when using Travelmode after having sex with Julia after the Caroline visit.
-Fixed Caroline Introduction event looping.

Book of Lust v0.0.37.1a

-Removed “Mute” Button from options since it’s a little redundant.
-Volume levels should now save upon closing the options menu.
-Screen Resolution should now save upon closing the options menu.
-Added Resolution Buttons to ingame options menu.
-Added the Woods’ Den.
-Added Julia’s Room.
-Added Julia.
-Added Sex scene with Julia while playing as Jake.
-Added talk functionality for Julia.
-Added Bend Will, Obedience, Affection, and Infatuation functionality to Julia and Mia.
-Added Mia(No sex scenes or talk interactions.)
-Added Julia to Stats Menu
-Added Mia to Stats Menu
-Small addition to Julia’s Visit.
-Added ability for Mel to answer door when Julia visits Jake.
-Added location management on exiting Soul Passenger. You should appear where you would be according to your schedule.
-Fixed Julia not visiting Jake correctly when playing as anyone else and not being home when she shows up.
-Added Caroline introduction scene. (Go to school as Jake in the Afternoon while level 3 or higher.)
-Fixed player name not updating correctly when body swapping
-Fixed Olivia’s Portrait not show up when talking to her.

Book of Lust v0.0.36.1b

-Fixed Cassandra’s Soul Passenger scene displaying daytime picture during night under certain conditions.
-Fixed “Bend Will” not working on Mel.
-Fixed “Affection” not working on Mel.
-Fixed the visuals of the “Outside Hart’s” home background a little.

Book of Lust v0.0.36.1a

-Fixed a chunk of typos.
-Fixed Animation swap script not loading the correct scene fast enough.
-Fixed Succubus’ dialogue portrait incorrectly showing up during Julia’s visit.
-Added animation speedup to Cassandra’s Sex scene while playing as Jake while cumming.
-Added animation speedup to Olivia’s Sex scene while playing as Jake while cumming.
-Added animation speedup to Cassandra’s compulsion sex scene while playing as Jake while cumming.
-Added additional scene to the “Make her leave” bad end while playing as Jake or Mel.
-Lined and colored outside the Hart’s home.
-Finished most of of Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenario.

Book of Lust v0.0.35.1b

-Fixed Olivia’s Love stat resetting to 0 occasionally.
-Fixed one of Cassandra’s stats resetting to 0 occasionally.
-Fixed softlock when asking succubus to leave.

Book of Lust v0.0.35.1a

-Added script to help organize Background Day/Night scenes. (Mainly to streamline the process for myself)
-Added to script to help manage animation Day/Night and Pregnant/Not pregnant scenes. (Only tested with new Delve scene)
-Added ability for Olivia to form a relationship with Mel while bodyswapped with her as opposed to only when in Soul Passenger
-Added a few more pictures to Olivia’s Delve Sex scene while playing as Jake.
-Finished Olivia’s Delve Sex scene while playing as Jake.
-Lined and colored Olivia’s Room.
-Removed the old save/load functionality.
-Streamlined how variables are handled between scenes.
-Streamlined how the game handles Dialogue images when bodyswapping/possessing.
-Added Date/Time display to Load Menu.

Book of Lust v0.0.34.1b

-Fixed Mel’s lust gain not showing up when seducing him.
-Fixed Softlock when telling Mel to leave during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger scenes.

Book of Lust v0.0.34.1a

-Finished Olivia’s Possession scene.
-Finished Cassandra’s Possession Scene.
-Finished Olivia’s Body swap scene.
-Added Pregnancy variant scene to Cassandra’s BodySwap.
-Added some behind the scenes code to to streamline some of the cutscenes. Only applied to BodySwap and Possession Scenes.
-Fixed succubus portrait incorrectly appearing during possession sequence.
-Fixed UI not disabling during the possession sequence.
-Fixed Succubus Dialogue portrait not updating correctly.

Book of Lust v0.0.33.1b

-Fixed Mel not appearing in Cassandra’s room when sleeping early.
-Fixed Delve targets showing wrong scene when giving birth.
-Fixed Succubus stats saving incorrectly.
-Fixed “Quit” button disappearing from main menu when clicking “Back”.

Book of Lust v0.0.33.1a

-Redesigned talent tree’s look.
-Lined and colored Jake’s Room.
-Lined and colored the Hart Den.
-Lined and colored Cassandra’s Room.
-Finished Cassandra’s Body Swap scene.
-Removed the “Sleeping” picture from Cassandra’s Body Swap scene.

Book of Lust v0.0.32.1b

-Fixed Mel not appearing in Cassandra’s room after inviting him in.
-Fixed Unholy Seducer not working properly.
-Fixed sex scene with Succubus giving the wrong scene while playing as Cassandra while having Succubus Synergy at Rank 1.
-Added a new Julia Portrait.

Book of Lust v0.0.32.1a

-Added a Schedule system(It’s behind the scenes stuff to make it easier on myself to organize which characters appear in certain areas).
-Fleshed out Olivia’s Birthing Scene

Book of Lust v0.0.31.1b

-Fixed Softlock when going back to titlescreen to load a game.
-Fixed EXP Salvage working incorrectly.
-Fixed Save profile not displaying immediately after saving.

Book of Lust v0.0.31.1a

-Updated to current version of Unity (Unsure if this is good practice or not if it’s mid project. Kept the old Unity version and project just in case).
-Added an EXP bar to the main UI.
-Changed the save system from PlayerPrefs based system to a Local file based system. Old save file is still functional just in case. I recommend trying to move over to the new save system as I’ll be getting rid of the old system eventually.
-Added New Save/Load buttons to the Main menu and Options Menu.
-Added Sex scene with Possessed Olivia while playing as Cassandra.

Book of Lust v0.0.30.1a

-Added a new sex scene with Jake while playing as Mel.
-Added a Mana bar to the main UI.
-Added a Stamina bar to the main UI.
-Added a Speed up during the animation right before orgasm during the Mel/Jake sex scene.

Book of Lust v0.0.29.1a

-Added a new sex scene with Olivia while playing as Mel (has 3 variants based on Mel’s relationship with Olivia).

Book of Lust v0.0.28.1a

-Added Mel’s Car. Available when bodyswapped with Mel.
-Added a game over scene when telling the Succubus to leave while playing as Mel.
-Added special car blowjob scene when playing as Mel and giving Cassandra a ride to school and back home. (Doesn’t work with Possessed Cassandra Yet)

Book of Lust v0.0.27.1c

-Fixed softlock when entering the Hart residence at Late Night while Cassandra is Possessed as Mel.
-Fixed portraits not showing delve states when entering the Hart Residence as Mel.
-Fixed some of Olivia’s wording when she lets you inside while entering the Hart Residence as Mel.

Book of Lust v0.0.27.1b

-Fixed Soul Link’s effects activating when Body Swapping.
-Fixed Olivia’s Soul Passenger scene in which Mel would stay the night on Sunday as well.

Book of Lust v0.0.27.1a

-Fixed Ui not disappearing properly when entering Cassandra’s room when she’s told to not answer the door.
-When told to not answer the door; Cassandra will pretend to sleep on Sunday nights as opposed to every night.
-Removed scrolling panel from bus menu
-‘Home’ has now been renamed ‘River Street’
-Added ability to Body Swap with Mel
-Added sex scene with Cassandra while playing as Mel

Book of Lust v0.0.26.1b

-Fixed softlock when Fuck other is used on invalid target.
-Fixed UI not disappearing properly when casting Aspect of Dominance.
-Fixed UI not disappearing properly when casting Aspect of Lust.

Book of Lust v0.0.26.1a

-Fixed UI not fully disappearing during “Fuck Other” cast.
-Added Possessed Olivia and Mel “Fuck Other” scene.
-Added Delved Olivia and Mel “Fuck Other” scene.

Book of Lust v0.0.25.1b

-Fixed ‘Cum’ Button not working during Mel’s visit.
-Fixed softlock if trying to Bodyswap back to your original body with it not present.
-Realigned most of the text on the buttons.

Book of Lust v0.0.25.1a

-Put Aspect of Lust and Aspect of Dominance in the Talk menu under “Followers” instead of in action.
-Finished Cassandra’s compulsion sex scene while playing as Jake.
-Changed some of the text for Cassandra’s compulsion sex scene while playing as Jake.
-Added hotkeys (Only “Options Menu” and “Cum hotkeys” work until I get some bugs fixed).
-Fixed impregnation text showing on wrong text box in Delved Olivia’s sex scene with Jake.

Book of Lust v0.0.24.1b

-Fixed some of the proportions in the “Cum” image between Jake and Possessed Olivia.
-Fixed the Spell Description box displaying “New Text” and “Spell Name”
-Added some placeholder text for the Mouse over Description Box instead of showing nothing.

Book of Lust v0.0.24.1a

-Fixed frame rate drop when the Learn button is clicked in the Skill Tree.
-Fixed Bend Will and Obedience having the same image in the spell menu.
-Fixed Affection and Infatuation having the same image in the spell menu.
-Fixed Affection cost and Love/Lust gain giving incorrect values.
-Fixed Obedience and Infatuation not dispelling when bodyswapping to the Obedience/Infatuate target.
-Fixed Back button still being present when asking to Body Swap back to Jake.
-Fixed Spell menu not deactivating when Cancelling Aspect of Lust/Dominance.
-Using Soul Passenger on Cassandra when she’s having morning sex with Mel starts with the two of them banging instead of Cassandra contemplating banging him.
-Learn button in the Skill Tree disables if prequisites aren’t met.
-Respec button will now deactivate once all skills are learned.
-Completely reworked the spell menu.
-Mouse Over descriptions while casting in Spell Menu.

Book of Lust v0.0.23.1b

-Fixed Julia’s model appearing too early in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger scenario.
-Fixed a lingering picture of Cassandra Masturbating in her Soul Passenger scenario.
-Fixed Julia and Jake portraits disappearing during black screen transition during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Fixed softlock under certain conditions when Cassandra doesn’t answer the door during her Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Fixed Mel showing up Sunday morning regardless if he was rejected the night before in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Fixed a scene not showing up in the morning when Jake has sex with Mel during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Fixed incorrect mana value listed for late night masturbation option in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Added lines for Delved Olivia in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger scenario.

Book of Lust v0.0.23.1a

-Fixed Cassandra’s Stats not updating properly through the Jake and Cassandra Sex scene.
-Fixed loading into a black screen if not playing as Olivia and loading into her room when Mel visits.
-Fixed loading into a black screen if not playing as Cassandra and loading into her room when Mel visits.
-Fixed Tentacle Impregnation not working during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenes.
-Fixed Dialogue boxes displaying Possessed Olivia in Julia’s Visit scenario.
-Fixed music during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenes.
-Fixed softlock when selecting “Nevermind” when talking to delved Cassandra.
-Fixed one of Cassandra’s Soul Passenger options only functioning at Rank 2 Soul Rank instead of Rank 2 and above.
-Fixed Mel’s stats not loading properly for Olivia’s Soul Passenger scenario.
-Adjusted flow of Cassandra’s Soul Passenger scenes. Decisions for more extreme options aren’t locked behind teasing her.
-Added scenes to Cassandra’s Soul Passenger scenario based on Mel and Julia’s Visits.

Book of Lust v0.0.22.1c

-Fixed Mel showing up during Olivia’s Soul Passenger scenario regardless of day.
-Fixed wrong background music playing When playing as Cassandra and inviting Mel up to cuddle.

Book of Lust v0.0.22.1b

-Fixed softlocking when trying to Discuss with Delved Olivia’s.
-Fixed deletion of “Command – Delve” skill during the Succubus’ Feeding scenario.
-Fixed Cassandra’s door not being locked at night when Mel visits her.
-Fixed Oliva and Mel’s morning after scene not giving stats.
-Fixed meeting Mel at the Hart’s door when coming from the Bus.
-Added Olivia’s Crush discovery to Flirt/Seduce actions with Mel.

Book of Lust v0.0.22.1a

-Fixed “-” button in character stats menu for Mel.
-Fixed softlock when using Compulsion sex on Cassandra
-Fixed Jake having a duplicate button when a game is loaded with him onscreen.
-Fixed wrong image for succubus showing when attempting to enter locked doors.
-Fixed some characters not disappearing during certain scene transitions.
-Smoothed out some of Olivia’s Soul passenger scenes (For example when casting Soul Passenger in the evening, it used to change from Night to Day then to Night again.)
-Swapped out Cassandra’s talk portrait with a more up to date model.
-Ability to form a relationship between Mel and Olivia. Mel will have sex with Olivia instead of Cassandra when he visits under certain conditions.
-New talk actions with the Succubus regarding Olivia and Mel’s relationship
-New talk actions with Olivia under the effects of Command – Delve regarding Olivia and Mel’s relationship
-Able to command a possessed Olivia to seduce Mel

Book of Lust v0.0.21.1b

-Fixed inability to get pregnant while having sex with Mel while playing as Olivia
-Fixed incorrect text box appearing when telling Possessed Cassandra not to answer the door.

Book of Lust v0.0.21.1a

-Added ability to command Cassandra to not answer the door
-Added ability to command the succubus to not answer the door when possessing Cassandra
-Sex scene with Mel when playing as Jake
-Sex scene with Mel when playing as Olivia

Book of Lust v0.0.20.1c

-Fixed Black background when Loading game into Maple Street and the Flower Shop.
-Fixed all characters masturbating to you when their Lust is 100 without being under Infatuation.
-Fixed Olivia duplicating during “Make her leave” scenario upon learning Possession.

Book of Lust v0.0.20.1b

-Fixed Back Button’s text on Oleander Road.
-Fixed black backrounds when loading game into Oleander Road, Mel’s Room, and the Price’s Apartment.
-Fixed load game bug in which Mel would become duplicated.
-Fixed Infatuation showing wrong stat change values on Jake.
-Fixed Mel answering the door when he isn’t home.
-Added Obedience functionality for Mel.
-Added Infatuation functionality for Mel.
-Added Soul Link functionality for Mel.

Book of Lust v0.0.20.1a

-Removed “Visit Me at Night” option under Dominate Mind.
-Added talk/flirt/seduce text for Mel.
-Added sex with Mel while playing as Cassandra.
-Added Mel to Character Stats menu.
-Added Three new locations: Oleander Road, the Price’s Apartment, Mel’s Room.
-Added some new music, courtesy of a good friend of mine who wishes to be unnamed for the time being.
-Switched some background music around.

Book of Lust v0.0.19.1c

-Fixed Delved Cassandra’s Strip and clothe text when talking to her.
-Fixed Olivia’s Delve leading into Mel’s visit scenario while Julia’s visiting.
-Fixed “Delved Cassandra” not showing up under Olivia’s Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Fixed portraits dimming in Olivia’s Soul Passenger scenario.

Book of Lust v0.0.19.1b

-Fixed inability to cancel the effects of Command – Delve
-Fixed Affection unable to be chosen in the Talent Tree
-Added option to cancel out of Possessed Cassandra’s talk action
-Added small talk to Cassandra’s talk action under the effect of Command – Delve

Book of Lust v0.0.19.1a

-Fixed Spell menu not disappearing when casting Delve.
-Summoning Possessed Cassandra out of her room while Mel’s visiting will simply result in the door being locked when trying to enter.
-Added Ability to cast Command: Delve on Possessed Cassandra.
-Added Delve sex between Jake and Possessed Cassandra.
-Added a Soul Passenger scene for Olivia during Julia’s visits.
-Added Soul Passenger description in the Spell menu clarifying that it requires a Soul Linked target.

Book of Lust v0.0.18.1a

-Fixed Cassandra becoming pregnant with Aspect of Lust when having sex with Olivia as Jake.
-Fixed Cassandra’s Cheat buttons. Clicking the +/- buttons would apply values to the previously selected character.
-Fixed some of Cassandra’s effects not showing when playing as Cassandra.
-Fixed the Character buff UI not updating correctly.
-Fixed Jake’s stats resetting to 0 on bodyswap.
-During bodyswap, Jake’s old body now has a special minimum amount of stats that he can have.
-Changed Lust to be a constant value throughout bodyswaps, independent of who the player is..
-Added Soul Passenger scenes for Olivia.
-Removed influence requirement to swap back into Jake’s body.

Book of Lust v0.0.17.1b

-Fixed text when the succubus talks to you during her strip and clothe options.
-Fixed inability to become pregnant when playing as Olivia
-Fixed Dominate Mind sapping maximum mana permanently when bodyswapping with the Dominate Mind target.
-Fixed Dominate Mind sapping maximum mana permanently when possessing the Dominate Mind target.
-Fixed some of Cassandra’s Status effects not showing up.

Book of Lust v0.0.17.1a

-Character stats are now saved through bodyswapping. (If you have Olivia’s Love towards Body Swapped Cassandra is 40 and the character body swaps; Olivia’s love towards Cassandra will stay at 40 the next time the player swaps into Cassandra again.)
-Added two new locations: Olivia’s Flowershop and Maple Street
-Olivia now appears at her flowershop at noon and evening.
-When playing as Olivia, a ‘Work’ Button appears while in her shop. For now, it just passes time.
-Julia will now automatically be let in by Jake if the player character is bodyswapped with anyone else.
-UI now disappears properly when trying to open Jake’s door when Julia is over.
-Olivia can now answer the door when Julia shows up.
-Mel will now visit Saturday Late night.

Book of Lust v0.0.16.1a

-Fixed ‘Summoned’ characters not loading into screen during ‘Load Game’ options.
-Summon Succubus Rank 2 now reduces mana cost of spell to 5 and influence cost to 0.
-Summon Succubus now doesn’t summon her nude.
-New talk action with succubus to command her to appear nude, assuming you have Rank 2 of Summon Succubus.
-Succubus will retain nude state until told to put clothes on as opposed to nudity only on summon.
-Added new birthing scenes for Olivia and Cassandra when they are possessed.
-Fixed Seduce option’s requirements for Olivia.
-Fixed ‘Infatuation’ values on Olivia.
-Fixed Obedience’s text to match correct value.

Book of Lust v0.0.15.1c

-Fixed Stamina not being drained when having sex with Olivia
-Fixed Olivia’s lust draining by 60 instead of 40
-Fixed Infatuation not working on Olivia (Hopefully for sure)
-Fixed Succubus’ theme music switching to day/night theme on sex scene

Book of Lust v0.0.15.1b

-Fixed softlock when Olivia is under the effects of Delve during Julia’s visit
-Fixed soul link bug where +12 lust would be given to noone at the end of certain scenes
-Fixed mana and stamina being set to 40/60/80 instead of subtracting it when having sex with possessed Cassandra
-Fixed infatuation not working on Olivia
-Fixed succubus bgm cutting out during certain interactions

Book of Lust v0.0.15.1a

-Added ability to impregnate Olivia or become pregnant when playing as Olivia
-Added birthing scenes for Olivia
-Warning for casting Compulsion without enough mana now displays
-Fixed Soul Link not effecting Olivia (You might have to sleep or have sex to activate the change if you loaded a game where she’s already Soul Linked)

Book of Lust v0.0.14.1a

-Added ability to swap bodies with Olivia
-Added sex scene between Olivia and Jake
-Fixed UI not dissappearing on body swap cast

Book of Lust v0.0.13.1c

-Fixed Inability to have succusbus possess Olivia
-Fixed Hunger scenario softlocks
-Fixed Obedience and Infatuation not working on Olivia
-Obedience and Infatuation now show up under Olivia’s stat menu
-Pregnancy now displays on the Succubus’ Stat menu

Book of Lust v0.0.13.1b

-Fixed Softlock after sex with Olivia

Book of Lust v0.0.13.1a

-Added sex scene between Jake and normal Olivia
-Reworked Olivia’s design (again)

Book of Lust v0.0.12.1c

-Disabled Command – Delve from working on Cassandra
-Fixed Softlock when Julia visits and Cassandra is possessed

Book of Lust v0.0.12.1b

-Fixed Olivia’s model showing up when summoning Cassandra
-Fixed Duplicate Cassandra button showing up when summoning
-Fixed Pregnant Cassandra not showing up properly
-Fixed Command – Delve not working properly
-Fixed Summon Succubus disappearance bug
-Moved Infatuation on the Talent Tree

Book of Lust v0.0.12.1a

-Added new spell: Command – Possess. Makes the succubus possess a new host.
-Added small cutscene upon learning the new spell.
-Added two game over scenarios.
-Added sex scene with possessed Cassandra
-Removed Flirt with succubus option
-Added safeguard against soft locking when body swapping with an incompatible character.
-Added Tentacle to the minion category in the stats menu.

Book of Lust v0.0.11.1b

-Added Save/Load button for save slot 3 on the main menu.
-Unholy Charisma now gives +4/+8 Influence per level
-Unholy Seducer now gives +3/+6 Love per level and +4/+8 Lust per level.
-Removed second rank from Aspect spells.
-Fixed Succubus Influence gain not working properly during talk action.
-Fixed wording when terminating Aspects.
-Fixed Aspect of Dominance’s Buff not dispelling when casting Aspect of Lust.
-Fixed inability to ast Aspect of Dominance.

Book of Lust v0.0.11.1a

-Added new spell: Unholy Charisma. Boosts talking actions that raise Influence.
-Added new spell: Unholy Seducer. Boosts talking actions that raise Love/Lust.
-Added new spell: Fortitude. Boosts maximum amount of stamina/mana.
-Added new spell: Birth – Aspect of Lust. Gestates a tentacle monster that you can send out to hunt.
-Added an additional Save Slot
-Save/Load menu now displays the Saved Character/Level/Day under the load slot.
-Raised Obedience gain to 8/16 Influence per night from 6/12
-Moved Obedience and Infatuation down on the Talent Tree (again)
-Succubus Synergy is now a prerequisite for Rejuvenation
-Succubus Synergy now boosts Influenced gained when talking to Succubus
-Enlarged the Spell menu so icons don’t get cut off.
-Lust/exp no longer gained if Target of Dream walk is also Soul Linked.

Book of Lust v0.0.10.1b

-Added Obedience to status page
-Fixed Rejuvenation rank overtaking Obedience’s rank in the talent tree
-Fixed Cassandra’s masturbation scene not disappearing in her Soul Passenger scenario
-Fixed Mel’s picture not disappearing when forcing Cassandra to abstain from sex in her Soul Passenger scenario
-Fixed incorrect background for Cassandra’s Late Night Soul Passenger scenario
-Fixed some Soul Passenger options having incorrect mana requirements

Book of Lust v0.0.10.1a

-Added new skill: Affection. Instantly raises Love/Lust by 5 for each level.
-Added new skill: Obedience. Raises Influence slowly over the course of 5 days.
-Added new skill: Rejuvenation. Increases mana/stamina you regenerate while sleeping.
-Added new Rank to Soul Passenger. Allows an additional stage of interaction in some of the soul Passenger scenarios.
-Infatuation now requires at least 1 point of Affection.
-Infatuation no longer gives Influence
-Bend Will Influence gain reduced to 10/20 from 12/24.
-Increased mana cost of Bend Will to 30 from 20
-Love now degenerates at 2 love per night from 1 love per night.
-Infatuation is dispelled upon respec.
-Soul Link is dispelled upon respec.
-Your old body will now carry out it’s day when Soul Passenger is cast.
-Reworked portions of Cassandra’s Soul Link scenario.
-Added new images to Cassandra’s Soul Link scenario.
-Reduced cost of Tier 2 Soul Passenger decisions to 15 mana.
-Fixed mana requirements in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger Scenario.
-Fixed ‘Make her abstain’ action when Cassandra wants to have sex with Mel in her Soul passenger Scenario
-Fixed Cassandra’s Lust not being reduced when using Dreamwalk.
-Fixed Softlock when casting DreamWalk on anyone else except Cassandra. (Still no new content for other characters)
-Fixed duplicate text in one of Cassandra’s Dreamwalk sequences.
-Fixed Delve requiring 11 or more mana to cast.
-Fixed BodySwap creating clones when cast on Mel.
-Fixed Infatuation duration description. It now reads 5 days instead of a week.
-Fixed Mana not updating properly when casting some spells.
-Fixed incorrect background music playing when dropping Julia off at her house.

Book of Lust v0.0.9.1a

-Added a new spell: Dream Walk. Allows the player to explore a target’s dream (Only works on Cassandra so far).
-Added new option to Julia’s visit. You can invite her up for a nap instead of having sex.
-Sex is now disabled when Julia visits if player has less than 20 stamina.
-Fixed Softlock when attempting to use Fuck Other on an invalid target.
-Fixed crash when failing to seduce Jake.

Book of Lust v0.0.8.1b

-Fixed Dominate Mind draining all mana on cast
-Fixed Olivia seeing Julia out while under the effect of Delve.
-Fixed Delve mana cost displaying incorrectly when cast.
-Fixed Julia disappearing when knocking on door when a game is loaded.
-Fixed Infatuation displaying 1 week instead of 5 days for the duration.

Book of Lust v0.0.8.1a

-Added a new character Julia Woods, who will visit the Hart residence on Sunday Night.
-Fixed Cassandra’s Masturbation stats not changing.

Book of Lust v0.0.7.1c

-Fixed Body Swap’s prerequisites for learning the skill.
-Fixed Dominate Mind’s picture not deactivating in the talent tree when selecting other talents.
-Fixed Command – Delve duplicating Olivia
-Fixed Possessed Olivia portrait showing up in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger
-Fixed Aspect of Dominance’s prerequisite skill.
-Fixed text disappearing in intro
-Fixed Mel’s stats not showing up during Talk/Sex (Still no scenes for him though)
-Added a Black fade to masturbation stat change to make it easier to see.

Book of Lust v0.0.7.1b

-Fixed Masturbation scene resetting the game
-Added animated Cassandra masturbation scene
-Stat changes now display on Masturbation scene

Book of Lust v0.0.7.1a

-Fixed Respec not effecting Command – Delve
-Fixed typo when casting Aspect of Dominance without enough Mana.
-Fixed typo incorrectly displaying mana gained when having sex with Cassandra.
-Fixed Cassandra Disappearing when Command – Delve is cast in the same room as her.
-Jake no longer in his room at evening.
-Added a new spell Dominate Mind. Acts a single target compulsion that lasts until cancelled. More options available than compulsion.
-Added Fullscreen mode in the title screen option menu.
-Added mana costs to Soul Passenger decisions.

Book of Lust v0.0.6.1b

-Fixed spawning a clothed version of Olivia when using Command – Delve on a naked succubus
-Fixed Olivia not stripping/clothing herself when asked
-Fixed “Master” not showing up during Command – Fuck Other dialog
-Sleeping earlier will now give you more mana and stamina. Evening/Night/Late Night will give you 80/70/60 respectively. Actions taken during the night (Hunger Scenario activating or watching the Aspect of Dominance’s birth) will always give you 60 mana/staminaregardless of when you sleep..
-Added an Exp Salvage button. When you boot up a broken save file and use it, it starts a new game and carries over only your Exp. Everything else is reset.
-Added more cheat buttons in the character stats menu to raise/lower individual stats by increments of 10.

Book of Lust v0.0.6.1a

-Fixed one of Olivia’s lines not appearing in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger scenario
-Fixed Mel’s button not deactivating on backing out of talk.
-Fixed Max Exp not reducing alongside Current Exp on respec.
-Fixed Aspect of Dominance setting exp to 20 rather than adding 20 exp.
-Fixed character stats temporarily going into the negatives when sex is rejected.
-Lowered the Exp required to level up to 25+Current Level from 40+Current Level.
-Lowered Exp required to get to level 2 to 15 from 30.
-Replaced Travel Toggle with a less confusing Toggle Button. It functions more or less the same, except you don’t have to uncheck it when you go back to the main UI.
-Added Volume control Slider in the Main Menu Options and In-Game Options menu.
-Respec doesn’t leave you with 0 skill points if used at level 1.
-Tried fleshing out Jake and Cassandra’s Sex scene. Includes day/night and pregnant versions.

Book of Lust v0.0.5.1a

-Broke the save system again. Old Saves won’t carry over.
-Added a new spell: Command – Delve. Commands the succubus to dive into the target’s subconscious mind. Puts Olivia back in control of her body. Only succubus spells will work on her.
-Added 2 new sex scenes: Sex with Olivia under the effects of Delve. Command – Fuck Other between Cassandra and Olivia under Delve.
-Reworked Command – Fuck Other a little bit.
-Remodelled Olivia a little bit.

Book of Lust v0.0.4.1d

-Fixed Birth – Aspect of Dominance pregnancy disappearing when having sex with Olivia.
-Fixed Pregnancy timer not resetting when cancelled.
-Character stats menu now shows player modifiers such as pregnancy or the Aspect of Dominance is active
-When casting Birth – Aspect of Dominance, an indicator will display in the bottom right showing that the impregnation buff is active.
-Pregnancy now shows as an Effect under Character stats for other characters.

Book of Lust v0.0.4.1c

-Fixed an infinite loop that would result in a softlock in the hunger scenario while playing as Cassandra. (Hopefully this is now finally fixed)
-Fixed typo in resolution settings. 1980×1080 changed to 1920 x 1080.
-Music should now default to be ON.
-Added 1664 x 936 as a resolution option.

Book of Lust v0.0.4.1b

-Fixed softlock on hunger scenario when playing as Cassandra. Nothing happens, but the game won’t reset.
-Fixed softlock on casting Soul Passenger on Jake. Nothing will happen, but the game won’t lock.
-Attempted to fix the entire game resetting under certain conditions. Save files should still work (Hopefully)
-Attempting to load a save from a slot with no save in it will give a “This save file doesn’t exist” message instead of resetting the game.
-Soul Passenger now immediately appears as a castable spell when Soul Link is cast.
-Soul Link should no longer effect Command: Fuck Other
-Added a 1920×1080 resolution option in the options menu
-Added quit button to title screen
-Added a button to toggle music on/off in the ingame option menu as well as the titlecreen option menu

Book of Lust v0.0.4.1a

-Added new spell Birth: Aspect of Dominance. Impregnates someone else (or yourself) of the opposite gender the next time you have sex. Spawns a commandable wolf companion that you can send out to hunt energy for you.
-Fixed Softlock on on talking to Cassandra after her Hunger scenario.
-Fixed having sex with Jake incorrectly taking you to Cassandra’s room instead of Jake’s.
-Love now degenerates at a rate of -1 per day.
-If you have over 80 love with someone, they will gain 2 Lust per day.
-If you have less than 80 love with someone, they will instead lose 2 lust per day.
-Removed Succubus Love loss on Hunger Scenario.
-Adjusted effeciency of starting a new day. It should now load faster.
-Fatigue renamed to stamina during wait screen.

Book of Lust v0.0.3.1d

-Fixed Softlock on Succubus Feeding Scenario.
-Fixed Travel Toggle not deactivating UI at school.
-Had to break the save system again. Sorry. Better now (again) then later I guess. Old Saves won’t carry over to this version.
-Loading a save profile after a sex scene without anything saved to a slot shouldn’t softlock the game anymore.
-Changed name of the executable to ‘Book of Lust’ from ‘Resident Succubus’ (The placeholder name I gave it because I needed something to name my project.)
-Completely disallowed fullscreen mode. Apparently it was still defaulting to full screen for some people.
-Target of Soul Link no longer works on Succubus Sleep Feeding Scenario.
-Modified Talent Tree placement a little bit.
-Bend will reduced to 2 ranks.
-Bend will value reduced to 12 per level from 20 per level.
-Added Hunger to stat menu.
-Slightly prettier text boxes.

Book of Lust v0.0.3.1c

-Fixed Jake and Cassandra’s Rejection Values. They now subtract Love and Lust instead of adding it.
-Fixed Body Swap duplication on cancellation glitch.
-Fixed ‘Character2’ appearing instead of “Olivia” under sex targetting.
-Fixed Softlock on Jake rejecting your seduction attempt.
-Fixed Save profile 1 loading when Save profile 2 is selected on the title screen.
-Soul Link no longer affects the target of soul passenger.
-Added ‘Travel Mode’ Toggle. Toggling it will call the area’s ‘Action’ UI (wait,sleep,move) instead of the default UI (talk,sex,spell) upon area change. It should allow for quicker long distance travelling.
-Reworked title screen a little bit.
-Added additional 16:9 resolution options in the main menu options.
-Resolution defaults to 1152×648 instead of 1280×720.
-Reorganized changelog to show most recent version at the top.

Book of Lust v0.0.3.1b

-Jake’s seduce dialog now matches the value changes.
-Fixed softlock on Jake’s compulsion scenario.
-Fixed text for Jake rejecting your attempts at sex.
-Fixed Compulsion option showing up for Jake even when compulsion buff not active.
-Fixed Soft Lock on Body Swapping back into Jake.
-Infatuation now works correctly on Jake.
-Fixed Infatuation timer. It should now dispel correctly after one week.
-Fixed Issue where Body Swap would be learned if the icon is clicked rather than the ‘learn’ button.

Book of Lust v0.0.3.1a

-Fixed Cassandra’s ‘Soul Passenger’ Scenario in which it would soft lock in the late night time slot if you had Soul Passenger rank 1.
-Changed view button graphic to an eye
-Added character names to character stat page.
-Reorganized button layout for talk, sex, and spell targeting.
-Widened Talent Tree description window.
-Added viewable stats to Talk, Spells, and Sex, while selecting a target.
-Added Body Swap spell. Only works on sister so far.
-Changed flirt failure values.
-When you have sex, you lose a bit of stamina instead of gaining it. Added minimum stamina requirement.
-Added 2 new sketched sex scenes with Cassandra and Jake.
-Talent tree buttons now deactivate and reactivate accordingly when looking at descriptions or respec confirmation menu.
-Soul Link no longer triggers if it’s the same person who just had sex.
-Soul Link Lust gain reduced to 12. 30 was a little ridiculous.
-Reduced mana cost from Command: Fuck Other from 20 to 10
-Increased influence cost from 10 to 15 for Rank 2 Command: Fuck Other.
-Fixed issue where ‘Soul Passenger’ Cafeteria scene would show up at wrong times under certain conditions.
-Removed time advance mechanic for taking bus.
-Removed the ability to wait at school overnight.
-Flipped Cassandra’s full body image from facing left to facing right.
-Enlarged a lot of the full body images.
-Advancing from Friday to Saturday now works.
-Added Confirmation Menu to saving and loading.
-Fixed influence/lust/love going over maximum limit in certain conditions.
-Added Exp gain to Command: Fuck Other.
-Reduced stat gain from Infatuation to 6 from 10 at rank 1, and 20 to 12 at rank 2.

Book of Lust v0.02c

-Fixed Command: Fuck Other. It should now work again.
-Fixed Cassandra’s sex requirements. She now has them again.
-Fixed Succubus not gaining influence during sex.
-Raised succubus influence gain from 7 to 12 during sex.
-Fixed ‘Back’ button not disappearing during spell casting.

Book of Lust v0.02b

-Fixed softlock on Cassandra’s Soul Passenger scene.
-Fixed issue where max exp value carries over to different save file on an ingame load.
-Fixed glitch where talking to anyone while Cassandra is in the room would result in Cassandra gaining stats.
-Changed Save/Load button to an Option button.
-Added a quit to title screen and quit game button in the options menu.
-Fixed some of the portraits showing during scene transitions.
-Fixed glitch where stamina would set to 0 on a loaded game.
-Fixed an issue where bend will/soul link/Command: Fuck Other would activate each other in certain conditions.
-Reduced level loss on respec from 2 to 1.
-Removed nightly lust degeneration. At a certain love threshold it now adds lust instead.
-Reduced exp to required to level up from 40 to 30
-Fixed bug on a new day in Olivia’s or Cassandra’s room, the character wouldn’t appear until you re-entered.
-Fixed softlock issue when talking to Mel
-Fixed bug where Status effects would display on freshly opened ‘Character Stats’
-Fixed issue where, when backing out of talking or sex with a character when two characters are on screen; the character you’re not talking to would remain dimmed.
-Fixed a bug where infatuation was permanent and Rank 2 only gave +10 stats to target.
-Fixed issue involving the character portraits lingering during most scene transitions.
-Hotkeyed ‘n’ or ‘right click’ to fast forward through dialog.
-Fixed resolution to 1280×720 in windowed mode for the moment. Any other aspect ratio causes things to distort.

Book of Lust v0.02a

-Redesigned pretty much all the characters except for one, probably gonna work on their designs a bit more. I don’t want to start the animation portions til I’m sure about how I want them to look.
-Optimized some of the game’s memory usage.
-Added an outside area so that you’re no longer trapped in the house. Although what you can do is fairly limited.
-You can now talk to Mel (no flavor text or actual effects yet though)
-Fixed bug where skill names don’t showing up.
-Fixed bug where trying to fuck the succubus without enough mana will soft lock the game.
-Added the load feature on the main menu.
-Added a couple new pictures and fleshed out some of the intro scene.
-Added new skill (Command – Fuck Other)
-Added new scene (It’s really rough, just like the others).
-New basic UI
-Increase Stamina and Mana cost of Succubus Synergy
-Removed Influence requirement on learning certain spells.
-Added a respec confirmation screen and short description on respec cost.

Book of Lust v0.01c

-Fixed softlocking issues on Cassandra’s sex scenes.
-Fixed softlocking issues on Olivia’s sex scene.
-Fixed softlocking on seduction or flirting being rejected.

Book of Lust v0.01b

-Game launch